All the Single Ladies: An Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlsit

By | 3 years ago

If you are single, Valentines Day is the worst day of the year. Gross people, posting gross, gushy romantic status’ and pictures. Sending flowers, cards, and candy all because Hallmark told you to; it’s pathetic. Even if you aren’t single, you have to admit this is a lame holiday. Any holiday with the initials VD is not something you want to celebrate So while the rest of the world is listening to KC & JoJo and Boyz II Men, we thoughts we’d take a moment to highlight the darker side of love and lust.

Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Sampa The Great - Paved With Gold feat. Estelle (prod. by Rahki)

Kanye West - Heartless

By DJ Z | 8 years ago
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