Azon Blaze - Mullah Mandate

By | 5 years ago
Artist: Azon Blaze
Track: Mullah Mandate
Producer: JMProductions
Album: #HoopDreams

Ever grabbed a crisp Benjamin, hold it to your nose and took a big whiff? Booth newcomer Azon Blaze has. As the Raleigh, N.C. repper reveals on mixtape single Mullah Mandate, he just can’t get enough of the smell of money. JMProductions man the boards, crafting a dreamy chopped-sample backdrop for Azon’s vivid reflections on the paper chase. Feeling this headphone-ready banger? You don’t have long to wait for more; Azon Blaze’s latest street album, #HoopDreams, is set to arrive on the ‘net today.

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By Lucas G. | about 4 years ago

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