BANGLADESH - Girls Love Me ft. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes


Featuring: Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes

Producer: Bangladesh

Album: Unreleased

Avg Rating: 21021 2.9 ( 28 votes )


Bangladesh, the producer who brought us Lil’ Wayne’s infamous A Milli, has stepped out from behind the boards to get his ‘superstar status’ shine-on alongside cohorts Rick Ross and Busta Rhymes on Girls Love Me. The Des Moines, Iowa DJ/producer gets all Dalai Lama on us with a bouncy beat that mixes in some well-placed congo drums, but it is a few Obama/Kerry references, delivered with some surprising humor, that make Desh’s on-the-mic contributions feel comfortably foreign.  Ross, aka Ricky Freeze – get it? – sticks to the script with a throwaway verse that may have been leftover from his latest disc, Trilla, and Rhymes’ effort lacks his characteristically high-energy flow.  Regardless, with the firepower that Bangladesh packs behind the boards, Girls Love Me should be bumping in A-Town strip clubs soon enough.

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Written by Kevin L. Clark on 09/22/08

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