GENIUS x Verse Simmonds - Fvcks With U

Artist: GENIUS

Featuring: Verse

Producer: Big Fruit

Album: Virtuoso: The MAN

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I like to think I am a pretty easygoing, friendly dude—I’m happy to hang out with just about anyone—but if you don’t f**ks with laid-back hip-hop, then I won’t Fvcks With U. After all, if I can’t listen to this new single, the brainchild of Booth newcomer GENIUS, with you around, then I just don’t know what we are gonna listen to. The swaying, smoky beat from producer Big Fruit is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a smoking session, a cruise in the car, or some action in the bedroom. Helping set the mood for that last option, Verse Simmonds steps to the mic to sing about a few of his lady’s best qualities. If you fvcks with Fvcks With U, then be sure to check out GENIUS’s Virtuoso: The MAN LP when it drops in December.

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Written by on Sep 26, 2013

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