The Specktators - The Campaign

Artist: The Specktators

Producer: Moe-T

Album: The Parlay

Avg Rating: 43210 4.6 ( 9 votes )


Talent is important, but without hunger and drive you won’t get anywhere in this business. On The Campaign, Michigan-bred duo The Specktators show us that they definitely have the talent, as well as the passion and hunger. Moe-T, the group’s resident beatsmith, cooks up an energetic, echoing instrumental that is the perfect complement to collaborator Packi’s charismatic flow. On the mic, with a tangible desire in his voice, Packi lets us know that he is determined to get to the top no matter what, even if it means leaving a special lady in the rear view mirror. Sucks for her, but you must follow your dreams, right? For more exuberant, hungry hip-hop, check out the group’s debut album, The Parlay, due out in December.

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Written by on Oct 14, 2013

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