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Artist: True 2 Life Music

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Album: Remember The Time

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As the name indicates, True 2 Life Music prioritize keeping it real, and that often means rhyming about the ugly, violent side of their urban environment. But life in the B.K. isn’t all dope fiends and popped glocks—there’s also ample opportunity for Mackin’ + Hangin’. On their latest LP single, a DJBooth-exclusive world premiere, Slangston Hughes, Concise and K. Words offer a lighthearted (but certifiably true to life) take on romance round their way. The trio angle for nostalgia behind the boards, sampling their beat from Eugene Wilder’s ‘84 R&B hit, Gotta Get You Home Tonight, and introing the cut with a snippet of dialogue from 1999 comedy The Wood. Forthcoming full-length Remember the Time currently lacks a drop date. While you wait for further details, why not take a listen to T2L’s last project, the DJBooth-hosted Black Gods Never Die?

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Written by on Jan 09, 2014

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