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First he got into trouble.  Now he has been officially konvicted

Multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter/producer Akon is ready to embark on a second major voyage this November the 21st. The highly anticipated release of Konvicted has intensified after the gigantic success of the album’s lead single, Smack That

Featuring the rapping and production talents of fellow multi-platinum star, Eminem, the popular collaboration made history this past week.  Surpassing all previous chart rising numbers, Smack That jumped from #95 to #7 on Billboard.  In addition to the 88 songs it passed by on the charts, the single sold over 67,000 digital copies online. 

Riding off of the success of his previous album, his numerous A-list collaborations and his productions talents for stars such as Young Jeezy, T-Pain and Obie Trice, Akon leaked a second single to the listening public.  Already making an impact in the radio and mixtape scene, I Just Wanna Love You (featuring Snoop Dogg), looks to continue the success that Smack That is enjoying.  If current numbers are an accurate indication, there shouldn’t be any surprise if it does.

However, where most artists stop—- Akon is just getting started.  With his album completed and ready for release in less than two months, Akon is preparing the unveiling of a brand new clothing line.  Never one to turn down the title of “Jack of All Trades,” Akon has also established a diamond supply and mining company, Aliaune, which supplies diamonds to dealers across the world.  Oh yeah, and he has a movie project lined up for 2007 based on his life.

Although he has been through the ringer and back the past month with all of his entrepreneurial endeavors, Akon knows the meaning of good promotion.  To help reach out to his fans, both current and prospective, Akon granted an exclusive interview with DJBooth.net’s DJZ.” 

During their interview, Akon discusses the present implications of the industry passing on his initial arrival, what he will do if his new album doesn’t reach platinum status (within a month), and why he remains the lone artist who can successfully produce a hit in hip-hop, R&B, pop and international music.

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