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A true hip-hop vet of twelve years, AZ made his mark when he signed his first record deal in back ‘95.  His EMI Records debut album, Doe or Die, epitomizes the impact that the genre of hip-hop and the artistic expression of music mean to his soul.  Since the days of Gimme Your’s and Mo Money Mo Murder AZ has seen himself travel from one record label to the next three times (Virgin, Motown, Koch).  Record deals aside, this former member of the highly touted (but never materialized) ‘Firm’ is back on the scene to once again showcase his verbal lyricism on the public’s ears.

After seeing success on an independent level with the 2005 release of A*W*O*L (via Koch/Fastlane), AZ decided to do it again… his way.  Instead of dealing with the ‘corporate bullshit’ which major labels have been known to spew at their non-priority artists, he dipped into the entrepreneurial side of his brain.  Using the knowledge he gained from being a part of the industry for so long, he developed his own record company and image: an independent artist who can use his name and skill, not promotion dollars, to move units.

During his interview with’s DJZ,” AZ explains his shock from hearing 50 Cent had dissed him, if we can ever expect to hear another collaboration with former friend Nas, and what element of the game means more; money or respect.

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