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This past February the Boss Hogg Outlawz, lead by Slim Thug, dropped their collective debut “Serve & Collect.”  Released independently through Koch Records, the eight man group garnered their fair share of warm reviews and industry praise, a rarity for projects that include so many MCs sharing the mic.  Now, four months since the CD hit shelves, the guys remain humble and eagerly await the opportunity for their new album (Boyz N Blue) to get green lit by Slim Thug’s parent label, Interscope.  Joining DJZ” for an interview inside the DJ Booth are members J-Dawg, Chris Ward and Young Black.  Listen or read below to find out their preference between releasing an album on an indie (label) rather than a major, why they don’t rock rented or loaned jewelry, and which member can always be found calling and texting his woman.

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Boss Hogg Outlawz Interview Transcription

DJ Booth:  What’s goin’ on ya’ll?  It’s your boy “Z,” doin’ it real big, and joining me inside the DJ Booth are a group of guys who rep Houston, Texas.  Their collective debut album, “Serve and Collect,” dropped this past February, and with me today are J-Dawg, Chris Ward, and Young Black, of the Boss Hogg Outlawz.  Fellas, how you doin?

Boss Hogg Outlawz:  Yo, what’s up?

DJ Booth:  Thank you for joining me.  I just mentioned the album dropped in February, so have the sales and overall response that you’ve garnered failed to reach your expectations, or have they met your expectations and exceeded them?

J-Dawg:  This your boy J-Dawg man, I believe it went past our expectations, we’re tryin’ to do something for Houston and bring it back, and let Houston know we givin’ back the love they been showing us, but it went way past that, so we love it; we’re lovin’ the response we got.

DJ Booth:  The “Serve And Collect,” album has dropped on Koch Records, but I know you guys have a “Boys in Blue” album that’s set to be distributed by Interscope.  Which route do you think is better for you: the major or the independent?

Chris Ward:  Depends on how you wanna attack the situation; the major route is good ‘cause the publicity, the mainstream of it; the Koch route is pretty good for the independent money, so it depends on which way you tryin’ to attack the situation.

DJ Booth:  When I play your music for some people, they often say, “Oh man, this is ridin’ music.”  Is that a proper classification for the Boss Hogg Outlawz?

Young Black:  Yes indeed, that’s exactly what it is. 

J-Dawg:  We sure appreciate that, ‘cause we sure ridin’ out here.

DJ Booth:  Being in a group, guys, with six other MCs, must create some awfully competitive recording sessions.  Have there ever been any instances of typical male pride and ego which ended up resulting in any type of altercation or fight?

Chris Ward:  Naw.  You know man, it’s tough love around here; you might get in a fight, you might not, but it’s tough love.  We’re all good; it’s all about the competition, whether it’s friendly competition or egotistical competition.  Everybody know what they gotta do; everybody know where they’re tryin’ to go, so we’re really just tryin’ to handle business, stay humble, and try to stay focused on gettin’ this money.  We not tryin’ to let anything small just break into a riot, you know what I mean?

DJ Booth:  Definitely.  You’re getting money a lot of different ways, and some of that money I know is spent on jewelry.  I’ve seen some promo pictures, I’ve seen you guys do a couple shows – you’re all iced out.  How much of that (jewelry) is actually owned?

J-Dawg:  All of it. [laughter]

DJ Booth:  All of it?

J-Dawg:  Check it out.  We come in the game same way we’re gonna leave, and that’s all the way real, all the way one-hundred.  And we not hot-shotin’ on nobody or on anyone who do wear jewelry.  Anything we got we take home, we gonna ride off with it, or we gonna keep it and put it in the jewelry box; whatever it is, we got it.  It’s ours, it’s all the way ours.

Young Black:  And we’re tryin’ to add to it.  So help us out and buy the album!

DJ Booth:  Guys, what do you guys spend more money on: car insurance or jewelry insurance?

J-Dawg:  Life insurance!

DJ Booth: Okay! [laughter]

Chris Ward:  Gas!

DJ Booth:  Yeah, everyone is payin’ more for gas these days – quite ridiculous.

J-Dawg:  We not real flamboyant, man.  You know, you see the jewelry and everything – we like jewelry and we like fast cars and whatever, but we not all that flamboyant; it ain’t all what is seen, you know?  We just do that because that’s style, and we gotta keep the business too.  People like see that, so we give it to the people, but in our day to day lifestyle we don’t [wear any] – we really chill, we laid-back,

DJ Booth:  What would it take, guys, for me to get my own signature Boss Hogg Outlawz Sheriff jewelry piece, ‘cause I know that’s what you guys rock around your neck on the chain.  How can I apply for such a nice pendant?

Chris Ward:  Hey, you have to pay a lotta dues, or a lotta money, you know what I’m saying?  It’s either gonna be one or the other, man, and you can’t get one other than that.

Young Black:  We got you a little bracelet, man, just put the name on it but, man, it ain’t that good right now…

DJ Booth:  I don’t want the bracelet; I want the necklace.

Chris Ward:  Yeah, we know you do!

DJ Booth:  Okay, time for a game; it’s called, “Argument Starter,” because the end result is usually that an argument has been started.  The answers to my next questions will all be the names of a member in the Boss Hogg Outlawz.  First one, what member of BHO is always late to a studio session or a media event?

BHO:  Kyleon, Kyleon! [laughter]

DJ Booth:  Okay – in agreement across the board?

BHO:  Yeah.

DJ Booth:  Okay, second question: what member of BHO is always calling or texting his woman?

BHO:  That’s Slim Thug!

DJ Booth:  Is that an agreement?  Everyone thinks it’s Slim Thug?

BHO:  Yeah, that’s Slim Thug, the boss man!!

DJ Booth:  Third question: what member of BHO is always the most drunk at four o’ clock in the morning?

BHO:  [laughter] Young Black!

DJ Booth:  Young Black, do you agree with that?

BHO:  No doubt!  Naw, naw.  I say Slim Thug.

DJ Booth:  Okay – is it because he’s not with us today?  That’s why you’re gonna throw it all on him?

Young Black:  Yeah!

J-Dawg:  Yeah, exactly!

DJ Booth:  That’s the easy way out.  All right, guys, I appreciate your honesty.  One of you go ahead and give me a website or a Myspace address, so that your fans and my listeners can find out more about your album out in stores right now, “Serve and Collect.”

BHO:, or

DJ Booth:  Guys, I appreciate your time and wish you nothing but the best of luck.  Continue to rep Houston, Texas and do it real big!

Young Black:  No doubt!

J-Dawg:  Peace out!

Chris Ward:  We love the love!

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