Clinton Sparks Interview

Clinton Sparks
Artist:Clinton Sparks
Label:Photo Finish/Republic
Next Project:Clinton Sparks & Kanye West: "Touch The Sky" Mixtape
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Website:Clinton Sparks's Website

DJ “Z” from has interviewed a man just recently named one of Hiphop’s top 10 Mixtape artists by Rolling Stone magazine, Clinton Sparks.

Along with Grammy Award-winning artist/producer Kanye West, their new mixtape “Touch the Sky,” is a massive preview of Clinton’s Official album release, “Get Familiar Vol. 1”, due later this year.  “Touch the Sky” features all exclusive and original new tracks all produced by Clinton Sparks with guest appearances by Pharrell, D. Block, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Slim Thug, Lil’ Kim, Nore, Diddy, Freeway, Nas, Kanye West and more.

Also featured on the mixtape are exclusive freestyles by Q-Tip, Remy Ma, Peedi Crack & Young Chris, and Pharrell, all featured on Clinton’s #1 rated worldwide radio show, “Smashtime Radio”.

Co-signed by the multi-talented super producer and rapper Kanye West whose respect for Clinton’s relentless work ethic moved him to team up with the award-winning mixtape DJ and radio show host, “Touch the Sky” is sure to be one of the biggest CDs of 2006.

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