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How many pairs of brother duos have had successful hip-hop albums?  How many major industry acts have risen from the streets of Virginia?  How many one hit wonders have passed through the rap game?  Those are the very questions (rhetorical or not) that have been directed towards bloodlines Malice (Gene Thornton) and Pusha T (Terrence Thornton).  Despite the negativity, their inactivity in hip-hop since 2002 and their label Jive playing the part as the evil stepfather, the group has their long awaited sophomore album ready for release at the end of the summer.

The duo began their career back in 1993 which since has included a small stint with the now-extinct Elektra Records (Missy Elliot), a signing to the also-extinct Arista Records (former home to Outkast, Usher) and finally a transfer to their current home, Jive Records.  In-between all the ink pens and legalities came a meeting with Star Trek head Pharrell Williams, who later cosigned their Arista release Lord Willin’ (certified gold just a month following its release.)

During his interview with’s DJZ,”  Pusha T explains the frustration of the group’s ongoing court battle with Jive, the gigantic expectations of the new album ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ (which now has even larger undertones), and plans for their new label Re-Up Gang Records.

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