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First there was O-Town, the N’ Sync inspired made-up boy band on MTV’s first season of “Making The Band.”  Then came season two which brought “Da Band,” the most misfit group of artists ever assembled (however you have to love the originality of their collective name.)  And of course most recently, Danity Kane. 

Could five women from across the country could come together musically and make Diddy finally look like a creative genius? The answer is yes.  In fact, the proof is no longer in the pudding but rather in the plaque.  No, not the matter that forms between your teeth because of the pudding, but the type of plaque you hang on the wall in honor of a memorable achievement.  Danity Kane recently received their plaque, the platinum type, marking sales that exceeded a million records sold; quite the achievement these days, especially in a record industry with dwindling sales.

In an interview DJBooth.net’s DJZ,” group members Shannon, Dawn & Aundrea discussed what went on during their rookie year that the camera’s haven’t revealed, how they respond to show reviews that portray the group in a negative light, and what the odds are for Diddy making the new all-male cast of “Making The Band: Season 4” cry on national television.

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Danity Kane Interview Transcription

DJ Booth:  What’s goin’ on everybody?  It’s your boy “Z,” doin’ it real big on DJ Booth.net, and on the phone with me is not one, but three platinum selling artists.  Please welcome three of the extremely talented and downright sexy ladies of Danity Kane: Dawn, Shannon, and Aundrea. Ladies, how are you?

Danity Kane:  Hey Z!  We’re Okay, how are you?

DJ Booth:  I am great.  You ladies are up to some pretty big things.  I understand you are on tour with Miss Christina Aguilera, on the East Coast leg of her tour.  What has the experience been like thus far?

Shannon:  It has been insanely crazy.  Just a year ago, if you would have told me we were going to be on tour with Christina Aguilera, I would say ‘shut uuup’ but it’s been great.  The Pussycat Dolls are also on tour.  We’ve been hanging out, getting along, having some laughs, and it’s been a tour full of energy—energetic from top to bottom.  I mean our show is fantastic, and of course Christina Aguilera is out of this world.

DJ Booth:  So when the show is over, do you all hang out together?  [Because that’s a lot of ladies in one arena]

Shannon:  [Laughing]… We have our moments, like sometimes we have to get on the bus.  We have our own MySpace after parties, and sometimes we get separated.  We haven’t hung out with Christina Aguilera yet, although we ran across her a couple of times, but we have hung out with the Pussycat Dolls all the time.

DJ Booth:  As this past year’s magical ride has come about, all your steps have been documented for the world to see, but I’m sure there have been some frustrating times.  Therefore, off camera, what has been the most frustrating aspect during your rise to stardom?

Aundrea:  I think it’s always going to be rough.  It’s been hard being away from family.  One of the labels presented us with an award, a plaque, and it was such an awesome thing, and all I could think inside my head was ‘I wish my Mom and Dad could be here with me.’  You know when you’re on the road, a lot of times you can’t bring your family with you.  You kind of lose touch with all of those everyday things, because you’re so busy.  We really try to stay positive, because a lot of people wish they could do this.  Therefore, you just have to hold onto that.  The bad things just sort of slide over, and you have to leave it there. 

DJ Booth:  After going platinum right out of the gates with your first album, how high are your expectations this time around for your sophomore release?

Shannon:  Actually the first time we expected diamond [certification] …[laughing].  That’s the kind of perfectionists we are—no for real.  Our expectations were pretty high.  Before we stepped into “Making The Band,” and then “Danity Kane,” we have always been a part of the grind for a long time in this industry.  We’ve been kind of shocked with the success, and now we’re thinking ‘Okay, let’s keep this going’ and now, we have amazing fans.  It’s just been way quicker than we realized it would happen.

DJ Booth:  Danity Kane has worked with most of the A-list producers in the industry.  On your upcoming album, I read you are going to explore untapped talent in the independent and up-and-coming producer scene. Do you feel an obligation to help out others in the industry, because of the chance that you were all given?

Aundrea:  We want it to be an album featuring Danity Kane, because we have really grown as a group, and it’s really important for us to show [that.]  On this last album, a lot of names came up first, before Danity Kane.  Now that we have established who we are—we want this album to feature us—and really only us…and that’s about it.

DJ Booth:  So Danity Kane doesn’t need Timbaland or Scott Storch to make a hot album?

Shannon:  Oh no, we do love them all.  We love working with them.  We are still looking forward to working with all of them more, including Will.I.Am, Prince, Missy Elliot.  There are so many people we look forward to working with—we’re definitely exploring options for great talent, and discovering new talent [too.]

DJ Booth:  The name “Danity Kane” is based on a female animae character, created and drawn by Dawn.  If the three of you could be superheroes, in addition to your job as music stars, what would be your individual super powers?

Danity Kane:  H-m-m-m-m, wow.  That’s a great question!

DJ Booth:  You mean you haven’t given that question some thought?

Aundrea:  I think maybe I could create a super power using my hair, as a weapon.  Every time I whip around my hair, I could just swing it, and cut people’s heads off. 

DJ Booth:  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, wow okay.

Dawn:  Yeah, her hair is dangerous.  She swings it on stage, so it could be dangerous.  I could do something vocal, and Shannon could do a double-turn and a pirouette and knock somebody out. 

DJ Booth:  If we pitch these ideas to the right Hollywood studio producers, I might get you a movie deal out of this interview…

Dawn:  Hey, bring it on—I mean the sky could be the limit.  It’s like when you dance, Shannon and I did the NBA, it’s like acting.  We’ve always had that passion.  Now with ‘Drea, when you put her on stage, she’s like a firecracker, it’s almost like acting, and drawing.  A lot of people don’t know Shannon and ‘Drea draw and paint.  They’re really good artists, too.  So, the sky is the limit, with Danity Kane, we can do all things.  We can make it happen.

DJ Booth:  Well, I have no doubt you ladies would clean up at the box office…

Shannon:  Aw thank you, that’s the next thing on the list.

DJ Booth:  I read a few reviews from your current stage show; and one in particular, an East Coast publication, (I’ll leave that nameless,) says that you “only provide sexy lyrics, and scantily clad clothing.” And that its a “bad influence for pretty young girls.”  Do you have any response to something like that?

Dawn:  I think that if anything, we are pretty well clothed.  The reviews don’t matter.  I think we show things tastefully, and are more of performers focused vocally, and dance wise.  We concentrate more on how we blend.  [For us,] do we sound good?  You know we’re always on-line with the fans, and they are always giving us feedback.  We never got any bad reviews from them, not any comments about our clothing.  The fans don’t say anything of that sort.  The fans always say, “You know, you guys are great, and you inspire us.”  I think if anything the reviews don’t matter, when you have fans telling us, “You guys are amazing.  You’ve touched us.”  They send us fan mail.  We got mail from a girl who has leukemia, thanking us for inspiring her to fulfill her dreams for the very first time.

DJ Booth:  A lot of people who write these reviews are old men who are completely out of touch with what’s going on anyways.  Right?

Aundrea:  [Laughing]… Ha-ha, we like you “Z.”  Can we keep you?

DJ Booth:  Ladies, first you just made my day, and second, you can keep me as long as you want.

Danity Kane:  All right! [Laughing]… ha-ha!

DJ Booth:  As you stated, you have given your fans a close-up view of Danity Kane both on-and-off stage.  This is terrific, but has there ever been an incident that was captured on film that you hope doesn’t make the light of day, or technologically speaking, show up on You Tube?

Aundrea:  You know when we were filming 24/7 for 2 ½ to 3 months, there’s a lot of footage filmed on camera that the fans will never see.  It’s like you go to bed with no make-up, and the lights out.  You know, there were things we didn’t want them to show.  Everything else was stuff like showing us sleeping, and things that are just not good for TV. 

DJ Booth:  Well, you know I think a lot of people might disagree.  For a lot of fans, Danity Kane on a 24/7 network would be quite entertaining…

Aundrea:  I agree, ha-ha

DJ Booth:  Ladies, wrapping up 2007, what would you like to see happen?  You’ve said you’re all about growth—the sky is the limit.  Are you going to have this album out by the end of this year?  What are your end goals? 

Shannon:  What we would love is for our album to be incredible, and to be the true definition of who we really are as artists.  That would be the first definite goal; and yet again going platinum, is another one of our goals.  [Also to] headline large arena tours, to sell out to huge crowds. 

DJ Booth:  I read the other day; they are actually going to be casting a male group for the production of “Making The Band 4.”  Do you have any words of expert advice for the potential male singers out there?

Dawn:  I think that Diddy is very unpredictable, so be ready for anything.  I think all of us agree, learn your craft, not just to know your voice, but to know music and learn piano.  Learn an instrument, learn music theory.  Make yourself well-rounded in everything, because that might be the edge, which you have over everyone else, and that Diddy might see.  Prepare for the unexpected and be confident with what you’re doing.

DJ Booth:  What is the over/under on Diddy making these guys cry on camera? 

Dawn:  I think it’s very possible.  He’s very, very good at making people cry; actually I think he got a degree in that!!  There’s going to be snot noses, balling, and red eyes.  They’re all going to be crying.  He’ll make them cry more than he made us cry.

DJ Booth:  I felt for you girls [during your season,] because you all did lots of balling and we aren’t talking about the good “Ballin.”  Go ahead and give everybody a website, in case they haven’t logged on yet, to find out more about Danity Kane…

Danity Kane:  They can go to www.myspace.com/DanityKane or www.danitykane.com.

DJ Booth:  Great!  Ladies I wish you the best of luck this year and continued success on your current tour. 

Danity Kane:  We just want to say thank you to all our fans and thank you “Z.”  It has been a great-great interview.

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