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Industry funny man Devin the Dude wants to be taken seriously, but not completely.  On his newest release from Rap-A-Lot Records, Waiting to Inhale, Devin intertwines humorous skits and savvy punch lines with serious subjects that include the life of an inner-city child gone awry.  Almost a month after the album drop, Devin sat down with’s DJZ,” to discuss his growth as an artist, his opinion about rappers mailing in their feature verses (as opposed to collaborating together in a studio,) and the one question he has always wanted to be asked, but never was given the chance.  Until now.

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Devin The Dude Interview Transcription

DJ Booth:  Whats going on y’all?  It’s your boy “Z,” doing it real big on, and on the phone with me from Houston, it’s my man Devin the Dude.  How you doin?

Devin The Dude:  [Singing] Oh yeah yeah… Just chillin’ man!

DJ Booth:  That was the best introduction, ever. Can you do that again for me?

Devin The Dude:  Oh yeah yeah… [Laughing]

DJ Booth:  Devin The Dude, it’s great to have you on the phone with me.

Devin The Dude:  I’m good man.  Just chillin, making the best of a beautiful day!

DJ Booth:  Your brand new album, Waiting to Inhale, is out in stores now.  Tell everyone why they need to get up off their ass and pick up a copy.

Devin The Dude:  [Laughing]… Because it’s a lot of fun.  There’s a lot of coffee in there!  Joining me is a host of brilliant artists such as Andre 3000, Snoop Dogg, Bun B, Lil’ Wayne.  We had a lot of fun making the album.  You sometimes just gotta chill and lay back and this is the album to get [if you wanna do that.]

DJ Booth:  You mentioned two artists, Andre 3000 and Snoop Dogg, who join you on the single, What A Job. Would you trade your occupation for anything in the world?

Devin The Dude:  I don’t think so man, not right now.  For the most part, it has been an absolute blessing.  Coming into the game, back in the day, I would have never thought that I would be able to work with the type of artists I’ve had the chance to collaborate with and also being able to talk to someone like you, having that real concern, and being able to touch all my fans.

DJ Booth:  As an artist, you’ve always been known for your comedic punch lines and a very humoristic attitude.  On this new album, Waiting to Inhale, you seems as though you’ve done some growing up.  Did you feel this was your time to offer a different side of Devin the Dude?

Devin The Dude:  Coming from an album like “The Dude,” it was just a matter of time.  It’s a process that occurs as I got more focuses and got older.  I try to make it apparent though that the fun is still there.  It has to be there, in order to make it worth anyone’s while, who picks up a copy of the album.

DJ Booth:  Is there anyone else in Hip-Hop, besides yourself, who you listen to and find amusing?

Devin The Dude:  There are a lot of cats who are able to be funny.  J-Zone out of New York is crazy man.  Busta [Rhymes] can be both crazy and funny at times.  Also, Method Man.  There are a lot of artists out there who can be funny, but also can be serious at any given time. 

DJ Booth:  Is there anyone though that you find yourself laughing at, and not for the same reasons we just discussed?

Devin The Dude:  As far as…

DJ Booth:  As in, “What are you doing?”

Devin The Dude:  [Laughing]… like, look at this schmuck?? Haha

DJ Booth:  Yup.

Devin The Dude:  [Laughing]… Naw naw.  I’d like to give it up to anyone who is out there just trying.

DJ Booth:  The lead single off the album, Little Girl Gone, features Bun B and Lil’ Wayne.  I read in a previous interview that you were not able to get into the studio with either artist for them to record their verses.  When the industry gets so busy that artists aren’t able to actually collaborate in a studio, together, does it make you feel Hip-Hop is not going in the right direction?

Devin The Dude:  No No No!  Not at all.  Any way to collab is fine.  Its not that they couldn’t get into the studio, it’s that it all happened at a time when we were mixing and mastering everything and it was just a matter of days before [it needed to get finished.]  Lil’ Wayne often comes down to Houston, so he would have definitely been able to do it if he had the time.

DJ Booth:  So it was a matter of convenience?

Devin The Dude:  Hopefully artists will be able to get into the studio more to collaborate.  Its really just a sign of the times.  As long as [artists] have a relationship with one another, that vibe is still going to be there when everything is recorded.  If you don’t really know the person you are working with, then yeah, you might have to work extra hard to make that collab work for a final product. 

DJ Booth:  Other than Devin the Dude, when I hear the “Dude,” I immediately think of the film The Big Lebowski.  Have you ever seen the film?

Devin The Dude:  I was actually told to get it, because no, I had not seen it yet.  I saw it and yeah there was a lot of coincidences in there with me.  [Laughing]….

DJ Booth:  As you know then, the “Dude,” played by Jeff Bridges, walks around the entire film in a bathrobe drinking white Russians.  So do you walk around the studio in a bathrobe drinking anything in particular?
Devin The Dude:  No not at all.  When I’m in the studio, what I usually tend to bring as a tool belt, is a half an ounce of weed and a 12 pack. 

DJ Booth:  As an artist, you’ve done your fair share of interviews over the years on TV and radio.  Since you’ve pretty much been asked the same questions over and over, what is something you’ve been dying to answer, except you’ve just never been asked?

Devin The Dude:  Yeah… how about, “What do I like in a women?”

DJ Booth:  Okay, good question.  So, Devin, what do you like in a woman?

Devin The Dude:  I like me! [Laughing]… I’d like me… in a woman.

DJ Booth:  Where can all of our readers and your fans find out more about you and your brand new album?

Devin The Dude:  You can check me out on

DJ Booth:  The best of luck on this brand new album and continued success into the future.  Have a great day.

Devin The Dude:  Thank You Man.  You too Z.

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