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Known to many as ‘Clue,’ New York born DJ Ernesto Shaw is a taste-making force in the hip-hop industry.  In-between radio shows for both of New York’s biggest urban stations, Hot 97 and Power 105.1, a gig as the host for MTV’s Direct Effect countdown show and touring with Mariah Carey, DJ Clue managed to finish off the third installment of his major mix tape series dubbed: The Professional.

While most DJ’s who host mixtapes create their releases from scrap heap artist material, Clue has been heralded as different.  Working closely with both A-list producers and artists, Clue has been able to generate brand new single-ready material.  Instead of trying to turn an unused album track into a mixtape banger, he simply demands the best over the use of the ‘rest.’

Also the head of his own label, Desert Storm, Clue has the responsibility of overseeing the Def Jam distributed release of Brooklyn-born, Fabolous.  After legal issues, stemming from a shooting in October, stymied the chance for Fab’s newest album From Nothing To Something to drop in December, Clue looks to help prepare FABO for an end of February drop.

During an interview with’s DJZ,” Clue talks about the resurrection of East Coast hip-hop, the responsibility of Def Jam to promote his material, the buzz surrounding new artist Ransom, and what big name butterfly he’ll be working with in 2007.

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