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DJ Toomp
Artist:DJ Toomp
Label:NZone Entertainment
Next Project:Executive Producer of Short Dawg's upcoming project (RSMG), produced first single off TI's KING, "What U Know," and has several tracks on the new 8 Ball & MJG album!
Twitter:DJ Toomp on Twitter
Website:DJ Toomp's Website

When he isn’t working with TI, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, 8 Ball & MJG, Stat Quo, Pastor Troy, Lil Jon & The East Side Boys or Boyz N Da Hood... he is just like you or I.  Well, not really.  While on the grind for two full decades and then some, DJ Toomp is the production mastermind behind many of the radio singles ATL superstar TI has offered the public.  Cuts like “24’s,” “Be Easy,” “Motivation,” “U Don’t Know Me,” and the chart topping-instant-hit “What U Know” from TI’s current album, the platinum King are just a few of the many.

In addition to his work with the major heavyweights of the hip-hop industry, he is also the head of his own production company Zoneboy With a stable of talent including R&B artist Jovan Dais, rappers Suga Suga, Jack Bona, SS and 4 1/2, it looks as though Toomp’s impact in hip-hop has just truly begun. 

During his interview with DJ “Z,” the two discuss Toomp’s keen ability to make beats that can be released as singles without the addition of vocals.  They discuss the relationship between Toomp and ATLien T.I.‘s upstart career and how Atlanta has become the hip-hop hot spot.  PLUS, Toomp reveals numbers that spotlight the steady cash flow from major label production duties.

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