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Donell Jones
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His fourth and long-awaited album, Journey of a Gemini, arrived this past June.  With it came an explanation to his fans and supporters of why it took so long to reunite.  The message is simple and can be found easily without question, just reread the title.  Donell Jones’ newest R&B offering drops nearly four years after his 2002 release, Life Goes On.  Since inking his first recording deal, Jones has gone from LaFace Records to Arista Records (has since folded) to Jive Records.  Oh, did I mention this all happened in a span of 10 years?  That’s how long it usually takes an artist to produce four solid releases from their original label recording contract. 

Having recorded the bulk of new material for Gemini over the past three years, the frustrations Jones has endured are beyond explanation;  Knowing you have a hit album that is sitting and collecting dust, and there is nothing you can do about it.  While his ever-changing label was in and out of court getting their paperwork correct, Jones kept recording, destined to make a proper return.  To offer their talents, producers who joined the project included Jermaine Dupri, Sean Garrett, Mike City, Ryan Lesie, Tim & Bob and The Underdogs.  However, despite the stellar production duties, and features from JD, Bun B and The Clipse, the album was never set up for the success Jones feels it could achieve.

During his interview with DJZ,” Jones explains why his album will make you stop at CVS for a condom run,  how contemporary R&B classics can still be achieved without a heavy influence from rap, and why purple is to Donell Jones like peanut butter is to jelly.

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