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Flo Rida
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Carol City, Florida, native Flo Rida wanted to make a better life for himself.  One of seven siblings (and the only boy,) Flo-Rida was raised without the guidance and protection of a father and before he reached the age of fifteen, one of his sisters passed away.  At age 21, Flo got a blessing from his mother to pursue his dreams and promptly hit the road with Fresh Kid Ice (of 2 Live Crew fame,) eventually moving to Los Angeles, California. 

While out West Flo tackled his upstart music career and enrolled as a full-time student.  Soon thereafter though,  he realized that the studio and the library were simply too much to handle.  Less than three years later however, Flo-Rida has returned to his home state and alongside are two lucrative label deals (Poe Boy Entertainment and Atlantic Records.) 

With his debut album “Mail On Sunday” set to drop this year, Flo sat down with DJZ” of DJBooth.net.  During their interview Flo-Rida explains why he wants his cake everyday instead of just his birthday, what he would study in school if he decided to re-enroll, and why his name means more than just a tribute to his home state.

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Flo Rida Interview Transcription

DJ Booth:  What’s goin’ on ya’ll?  It’s your boy “Z,” doin’ it real big, and joining me inside the DJ Booth is a man who wants his cake 365 days a year.  Signed to Poe Boy Entertainment and Atlantic Records, and set to change the landscape of the birthday song forever, Carol City native Flo-Rida.  How you doin’?

Flo-Rida:  I’m good, gettin that cake there today; that’s what it is.

DJ Booth:  Hey, I like that.  I like my cake every day too, so we got something in common right off the bat.  How you doin’ today?

Flo-Rida:  I’m blessed.  Wake up at the studio, lunch is at the studio, puttin’ it down.

DJ Booth:  “Flo-Rida,” is the name a tribute to your home state, or simply your rhyming ability?

Flo-Rida:  It’s both.  I flow, and I ride, so that just come from a day home at the crib, like I wanna do something that represents me and represents my style, and that’s why I came up with: Flo-Rida.

DJ Booth:  The only problem is that it is very hard to Google you, because I can’t get anything direct.  Let’s talk about you growing up for a second.  Seven siblings, all of whom are girls – how did that help shape who you are, as an artist, but more importantly, Flo-Rida, as a man?

Flo-Rida:  My sisters, they always think, they’re sure that I was nothing left of a man.  You know, everybody was like, “You got seven sisters,” but I grew up in the projects so for the most part, I might have hung out with them, so that helped me to respect women at the same time.  I appreciate it; it’s nothin’ to hold me back.

DJ Booth:  Now, continuing on with your childhood: you dropped out of school to pursue music full time.  Does that choice become a good decision when you release an album, or did that choice become a good decision when you got signed to a label.  When was/is the payoff?

Flo-Rida:  Basically, that was college, you know?  I was all in all further with my music than I [was] with school, so I was like, “I can always go back to school.”  So basically I was getting my residuals and stuff like that, when I was going to school, so I was just like, “Man, this is something that keeps bugging me; I’m just gonna go hard with it,” so I decided to do it full-time.  With the support of my family and everything, here I am with a record deal.

DJ Booth:  If you had stayed in school, or if you choose to go back to school, other than music, what would you concentrate all of your time and efforts on?

Flo-Rida:  International business and management, that’s what I was taking up, and I’m still fond of that.  I’m definitely gonna try to go back, though.

DJ Booth:  Well music and international business, they work hand in hand.  You’ll internationally associate yourself with all the different businesses throughout the world to make sure they know who Flo-Rida is, so you got it on lock right now.

Flo-Rida:  Definitely; I appreciate it.

DJ Booth:  You grew up in Florida, and you moved out to Los Angeles to record your new material.  A lot of people from the Midwest, or basically anywhere besides Florida or Los Angeles, say that they’re somewhat similar.  What is the biggest difference between the two, being that you grew up one place and you’ve lived in another?

Flo-Rida:  The bigger difference?  Basically the weather, I’ll tell you that.  It never rains in Southern California; I had some beautiful days – it didn’t really rain that much, that’s a big difference.  But for us peeps and everything, both sides seem like they’re a gumbo.  I get along with a lot of people from the West Coast and everything.  They love me, I love them, but it made me, at a national level makin’ music versus just makin’ something for my neighborhood, you know?

DJ Booth:  What made you opt to record your material someplace you had never lived, rather than recoding it where you’re growing up, in your home environment, your neighborhood.

Flo-Rida:  I’ve [recorded at] both; I record at home, and I record out in Cali, but for the most part, it’s like – when I went out to Cali, I was thinkin’ of bigger moves, because I realized that some of the things that I may have thought was hot, out in Florida, it really wasn’t hot out there in Cali, to the people that was around.  So I would make things that both sides can like.  It helped me step my game up.

DJ Booth:  Well, one of the songs that I thought stepped the game up was, “Birthday.”  When I heard it initially, I said, “This is catchy; I like this.”  During the chorus, “I don’t want no cake on my birthday/ I want cake every day,” did that stem from how you felt as a kid?  Did you tell your parents, “I want more cake.  What’s up with the cake?”

Flo-Rida:  Basically it’s a little of that, but at the same time, it’s like, you’re never promised tomorrow.  You gotta enjoy life.  I’m not sayin’ you’re a glutton or something like that, but I had a sister pass away, so at the same time, it just let me know to go hard.

DJ Booth:  At any point, since you’ve signed to a label, have you felt because you are so fortunate to be in the place you are at, you cannot stop?

Flo-Rida:  Definitely, ‘cause I can remember the days that I didn’t have a deal.  And I remember the dudes, that I thought was very close to where I’m at now; they seem like they backpedalin’.  That’s why I know you can have it at one point, and you can lose it, so that’s why I’m going hard every day in the studio; I appreciate everything that’s comin’.

DJ Booth:  I heard your new song featuring T-Pain, who likes to get on everybody’s tracks, called, “Get Low.”  Your flow on the song is fast, but likewise I’ve heard material from you where your pace is a little slower…

Flo-Rida:  Those songs that you heard, where I was going kind of slow, that’s like the Flo, you know what I’m sayin’?  But then when I speed it up, that’s that Rida part, and that’s why Flo-Rida represents me well.

DJ Booth:  Okay.  I had no idea there was so much to the name; now I know.  When can we expect a full-length album in stores and, tentatively, what are you considering titling this album?

Flo-Rida:  I already got that title – it’s called, “Mail On Sunday,” and that’s supposed to come out (late) summertime.  It’s a priority; you know what I’m sayin?  Just like gettin’ that cake every day, the mail is gonna come every day.

DJ Booth:  Flo-Rida, give everybody a website or a MySpace address, they can find out more about “Mail On Sunday,” and what you got goin’ on.

Flo-Rida:  You can definitely check me out on www.24hourhiphop.com.  Check me out on myspace.com/officialflo.  I know you hearin’ me right now, but you get to hear what I’m like in the studio and everything; you got videos and everything on there.

DJ Booth:  Well Flo, continue to do it real big.  Because of you, I’m gonna have my cake just about every day, including my birthday, and I wish you nothing but the best of luck, right now and into the future with this upcoming project.

Flo-Rida:  That’s what it is.  All right, thank you very much.

DJ Booth:  You’re very welcome.

Flo-Rida:  [singing] I don’t want no cake on my birthday/ I want my cake every day.

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