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The worldly popular slogan for the Mastercard company reads “Priceless, for everything else there is Mastercard.”  Released October the 17th,  Priceless is also the new album title from Latin-born singer Frankie J., a project he hopes is equally as popular on a worldly scale.  After the success of his two previous releases, including the platinum selling, The One, expectations for the Columbia Records release are higher than ever before.

Since his debut as a new artist in 2003, Frankie J., has steadily churned out five Billboard charted top ten singles including, “The One”, “Obsession”, “Suga Suga”, “How To Deal” and “Don’t Wanna Try.”  Attempting to continue the trends of his successful past, Priceless features guests Slim of 112 and Bone Thugs N Harmony and the production of Play N Skillz, Brian Michael Cox and Mannie Fresh (Who currently is responsible for the chart rising single,That Girl, which features Chamillionaire).

During his interview with DJZ,” Frankie J. discusses the evolution of his music throughout his brief but flourishing and up-start career, which city in the entire world boasts his favorite looking females, and what he’d be doing if music was simply not an option.

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