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Gucci Mane
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DJ’s “Z”, Caliente & Arcen from have interviewed Big Cat Records recording artist, well known for his hit single “So Icy,”  Gucci Mane

Adding to the reputation that Atlanta is the current hip-hop Mecca of the world, Gucci Mane is out to prove that he is all business and no play.  After serving a six-month stint for assault in Dekalb Country Jail, which stemmed from an incident in June when he allegedly attacked a nightclub promoter with a pool cue, Gucci is a free man with a new lease on life.  While behind bars he wrote 50-plus songs and plans to release a sophomore sometime in summer of 2006. 

During our interview (which also included Gucci’s lawyer Ed Joshua,) Gucci explained what he spent money on as soon as he was released from jail, what his new year’s resolutions are for 2006 and why his new album will be hotter than his last.

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