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Label:Collipark Music/Asylum
Next Project:No Place Like Home
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Ok, so you know he raps.  Song writing, of course.  Production, sound editing, mixing, and mastering… check.  As we enter a stretch of time in which companies around the world are looking to turn twenty jobs into two and replace human resources with that of computer based programs, Collipark/Asylum recording artist Homebwoi is a rare commodity.  Saving himself and his label(s) both time and money, he looks to finally utilize his entire skill set will the future release of his debut album “No Place Like Home.”

After having written rhymes and done production work since the beginning of his teen years, Homebwoi was always on the industrial grind.  If he wasn’t finding work opening up a show for a local Atlanta rap act, he was in the studio finalizing an instrumental with high-hats galore.  The only problem though was that his hard work never gave him a break; That is until he finally gave himself a break.  Popular producer Mr. Collipark (also known as DJ Smurf), heard Homebwoi’s rhymes over a Nell Carter TV Show-inspired cut ‘Gimme A Break’ and immediately needed to press forward.  Record deal, of course.  Support, needed opportunity and money in the bank… check.

During his interview with DJBooth.net’s DJZ,” Homebwoi talks about his home life as a child and the push his older brother gave him to succeed, why Atlanta will turn its snap music fad into something newer and fresher and what lingers behind the linkage between himself and Chicago MC, Kanye West.

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