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Janelle Monáe
Artist:Janelle Monáe
Label:Wondaland / Atlantic
Next Project:Metropolis
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Taking a leap of faith isn’t always easy.  If you have the talent to succeed however, it can be a bit less troublesome to stomach.  Such is the case for Midwest-born singer Janelle Monáe.  Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Janelle ventured from the comfort of her small town roots to the largest city in the United States, New York.  While trying to separate herself from the rest of the up-coming talent in the big city, she made a life-altering realization.  Although she loved Broadway and the idea of a career in musicals, Janelle knew she needed to take her talent and faith one destination further.  Cue dramatic music, drum roll please… Atlanta.

The home to many established and soon to be successful up-in-coming artists,  Janelle knew she had found herself a new home.  During a 2005 summer concert, Janelle performed a rendition of the Roberta Flack written (Lauryn Hill popularized) single, Killing Me Softly,  as an iconic Atlanta-born label head was among the audience members in attendance.  One half of the grammy award winning duo, Outkast, Antwan “Big Boi” Patton heard Janelle’s voice and immediately paved the way for her to sign with his very own Purple Ribbon label.

During her interview with DJBooth.net’s DJZ,” Janelle talks about her new album Metropolis,  her responsibility as a role model to both young girls and inspired musicians, and how she feels all of her experiences thus far have put her in exactly the place she needs to be.  Featured on the Got Purp? Vol. 2 compilation album (released last year), and the soundtrack to the current Outkast feature film, Idlewild, Janelle has been thrust into the spotlight.  The only question from now on is how bright that light will get.

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