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As an 11 year old, he lays claim to lyrically murdering any battlers they came his way.  Regardless of height or age (sometimes twice his own) he grew a reputation in his hometown of St. Louis (originally from Chicago) as a dual threat.  Jibbs could take you down in both the hip-hop ring, and the boxing ring.  Influenced by his three older brothers Jibbs became a two-time Golden Glove Champion, a remarkable accomplishment in the competitive boxing world.  The question of which love to choose from though wasn’t a big decision.  Boxing was fun, but rapping was his love.

Now, although unable to drink legally, this talented teenager is looking to follow in the footsteps of successful St. Louis artists such as Nelly, Chingy and J-Kwon.  So let’s run down the checklist shall we?  Major label deal with Geffen, check.  Hot single, ‘Chain Hang Low,’ that can be heard on MP3 players, cell phone ring tones and music television outlets (BET, MTV), check.  Debut release on the horizon which is his label’s top priority, check. 

During his interview with DJBooth.net’s DJZ,” Jibbs discusses his place among the Geffen Records roster which includes the likes of Snoop Dogg, Slim Thug, Common, Pharrell, Mos Def, and Mary J. Blige, and with whom in the industry he would love to step in a boxing ring.  In addition, he and “Z” discuss their roots to the city of Chicago.

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