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Lil Scrappy
Artist:Lil Scrappy
Label:G's Up/The Grustle Gang
Next Project:Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live (Coming Soon)
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“I don’t want to be known as an ‘Atlanta rapper,’ I want to be known as an artist out of Atlanta.  I don’t fit with the trend right now; I want to reach a global [audience].”  ~ Lil’ Scrappy

To many readers the above statement might not make much sense.  The difference between being an Atlanta rapper and an artist who hails from the city of Atlanta seem to be one in the same.  However, if you look at the style of music that has been churned out of the ATL throughout the past year, you might begin to understand where Scrappy is coming from.  Whether snap or crunk (hell…even crackle or pop), the ATL has always been innovative in their always evolving state of hip-hop.  Scrappy wants to bring more, he wants to expand, he wants to resonate amongst all listeners, and he simply doesn’t want to be stereotyped.

From the days of homemade CDs infiltrating the ears of strip club patrons and dance club freaks, all the way to head executives at BME (subsidiary of Warner Bros.) now comes the most gigantic of collaborations.  G-Unit boss Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and “King of Crunk” Lil’ Jon cosigned on Scrappy’s talents and have joined forces to help produce the ultimate (technically) debut album, Bred 2 Die, Born 2 Live, which will be released this Fall.

During his interview with’s DJZ,” Scrappy discusses the angle he takes on his new album’s material, his place amongst the best in hip-hop to be churned out of the endless ATL talent factory, and why his police brutality incident still bothers him today.  In addition, he cranks it up and spits an ice cold 2 minute freestyle.

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