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Label:Hustle Hard/Atlantic
Next Project:Death Before Dishonor (Coming Fall 2006)
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With strong ties to his native New York, appearances on mixtape work with everyone from DJ Envy to DJ Sickamore (and Clue, Flex, and Kay Slay in-between),  not to mention a huge presence on the DVD circuit, Maino was revealed.  Shown to be a Brooklyn MC who knows first hand of crime, poverty and heartache and a man who spent ten years behind bars. 

Struggles aside, Maino worked at his craft and refined his skill.  He took listen and took note. Then came the single heard round the water cooler, “Rumors.”  Instead of calling shots at industry stars whom he had never an interaction with; Maino opted for a different route.  He spoke the truth about his hip-hop family, standing in the spotlight of a reporter, nay a hater or criticizer.  The single buzzed, Maino smiled and Universal records came calling.

Currently promoting the single “Stomp,” (produced by GQ Beats) featuring the work of free-at-last Lil’ Kim, Maino comes with grit and never grout.  He doesn’t clutter a verse with filler simply to help get the single to a chorus.  Instead, Maino takes his time and practices experience-based story-telling. To better reach his audience and show how real his life has been, Maino tells tales of truth. Without embellishing he gets his point across in a matter that would have probably kept Lil’ Kim‘s testimony from sending her to jail. 

During his interview with DJ‘s “Z” and Arcen, Maino explains what his ten years behind bars means to his current state of mind, why he doesn’t want to be known as just a mixtape rapper who scored a major label deal, and how he feels as though there isn’t a single artist from the East Coast whom he respects for their current work in the game which includes 50 Cent and the Diplomats.  (However he does mention a liking for NYC veteran Cormega.)

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