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If you peep their myspace page (here), there is one very unique answer to a ‘General Info’ section question.  Under ‘Influences’ they write you

Instead of fronting like most artists and bands do on their page, claiming to be influenced by the work of every artist to be on the front of a magazine cover, MC Bernbiz and Plex offer thanks.  They truly understand the relationship between the artist and the consumer and don’t take for granted one second what needs to take place for them to be a success.  Doing their work under the independent label guidance of South Beat Records, the Miami duo (who has grown so large they added an exclamation point to their name) is popping up in Google searches and internet message boards like crazy.

From the buzz of their collaboration with Gnarls Barkley singer and ATLien, Cee-Lo Green, the hit single “Groundhog Day” slowly began to play as both a single and a form of irony.  The title of course and the feeling it has given people throughout the country can be best displayed by a simple figure, 2,206,605.  That number is the amount of video views the cut has tallied since being posted at in the beginning of June.

During the interview with’s DJZ,” Plex of MayDay! talks about the duo’s deal with an independent label such as South Beat, the one daily chore he absolutely hates (yet devotes four hours to completing), and why more men should rock a beard (Evidently Freeway senses some competition).

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