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MC Eiht
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Born Aaron Tyler in Los Angeles, Eiht began his career as part of CMW while still a teenager. A well-known member of the Compton Crip set Tragniew Park, MC Eiht opted out of the street-life to pursue a career in rap.  Eiht’s solo debut, “Streiht Up Menace,” in 1993 was followed by the Menace II Society soundtrack, a popular film that Eiht also played on of the most memorable roles in as “A-Wax”. Following the success of this single, Eiht signed to Sony’s Epic Street division and entered the studio with Slip to record his full-length solo debut, We Come Strapped.  2006 have been equally busy for Eiht as he formed his new imprint West, Inc. and begun recording a new CMW album and his highly anticipated solo album Affiliated which will debut on April 4th via his deal with Paid In Full/Koch Entertainment. Also coming out in 2006 are two more collaboration albums The New Season with Brotha Lynch Hung and Keep It Gangsta a second duo project with Spice 1.

During the interview, Eiht speaks about his hatred for “garbage” hip-hop music, why he thinks he would have been more successful if he had started his career today (knowing what he has learned) and what his fans can expect from the new album, “Affiliated.”

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