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Since the release of his last album, Tical O: The Prequel, Method Man has gone through a lot in his life both personally and professionally.  During a time in which he could have packed it in and said “I’m done,” Meth took all of his problems and worries and turned them into new and inspired material.  Always known for his creative writing and unique delivery, Meth knew how he could once again gain the listenership and respect of his long-following audience: Lyrics which hit deep inside.  Since back in the day, when he was trading verses with his Wu-Tang Clan brethren, Meth always knew what he wanted to say and conveyed it with ease.  His new album, 4:21… The Day After, as explained in his interview with DJ “Z,” is what he hopes serves as his musical revival; To both his life and career.

The Day After, which is chalked full of solid production from fellow Clan member RZA (as well as Scott Storch, Havoc (of Mobb Deep), K1 and Eric Sermon) is what moves Meth from one cut to the next so easily.  Where producers unorthodox to his sound were used on previous releases, the new album offers a musical marriage between the two.  The lead single samples the beautiful voice of former Fugees front-lady Lauyrn Hill on “Say,” and is followed by the current label priority “Fall Out.” 

During his interview with’s DJZ,” Method Man talks about a lack of understanding for why he has been hated on and dissed the past few years and why he deserves more respect .  In addition he tackles his dislike for Hollywood, his beef with New York radio personality Wendy Williams, and the special talent not many know he performs with ease!

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