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Midwest City
Artist:Midwest City
Label:Spencow/Universal Motown
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While growing up in Midwest City, a suburb of Oklahoma City, four boys had a dream.  Inspired by the music of groups like the Delfonics and equally as influenced by the man upstairs, a chance to leave their small city for the success and bright lights of a major metropolitan haven was all the motivation they needed.  Growing up together as two sets of brothers who are also first cousins - Tone and Solomon; Shay and Shamale –literally equate to the old adage “like two peas in a pod,” (just this time it’s more like four).

When trying to remember the last R&B quartet to release a successful album, one might have to go on a quite arduous memory jog.  Not since the 90’s, when groups such as Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, New Edition and Shai hit the platinum status mark, has the music world seen the triumphant return of contemporary R&B—offered by that of a four-man ensemble.  However, according to Midwest City the over-extended dramatic pause has finally reached its climactic end.

On a mission to offer an album which is about “what we go through in our everyday lives,” Midwest City knows exactly the steps they need to take.  In addition to contracting hit making producers Cool N Dre, Trackmasters, Pauli Paul (Christina Milian), and L.T. Hutton, the group sat down and penned the entire album themselves.  After all, an album unique to a city like Oklahoma City can only be brought to the masses from its very own natives.

During their interview with DJZ,” the guys talk about why R&B groups have struggled so much over the past six years and what it takes to produce a fresh sounding record.  Midwest City also focuses their attention on promoting their new single, One Love, as the new wedding season must have for every DJ’s play list.

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