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Mistah F.A.B
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After receiving much controversy over his “Ghost Ridin” phenomenon, Mistah F.A.B. is showing the world the next generation of hip-hop is from the Bay.  Having already been exposed to Bay area legends such as Too Short, Luniz Tuinz, E-40, and Mac Dre, “Hyphy” is one word that’s very familiar with the Bay area and another that Mistah F.A.B. AKA “Fabby Davis Jr.” lives by.  With his independent album “The Baydestrian” a prequel to his Atlantic Records release “The Yellow Bus Rydah,” Mistah F.A.B. is out to show hip-hop why the Bay area is next. During an interview with DJBooth.net’s Q. Hatfield, the ghost rider gives us the goods on “The Baydestrian,” why the American media always needs someone to blame when something crazy happens, and what makes the love for his mother so strong.

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Mistah F.A.B Interview Transcription

DJ Booth:  First off, tell me about this new album?

Mistah F.A.B.:  The album dropped and it’s called the “Baydestrian.”  It’s just basically a preview for my major release from Atlantic.  I just wanted to give people something to keep them satisfied while they wait for this album to come out in November.  It’s just a collection of basically what I been through over this past year and a half. The album is pretty good though.  I got some nice production, I got a XL in the new issue of XXL, so I gotta be doing something.

DJ Booth:  So, it’s basically just an appetizer?

Mistah F.A.B.:  For some, it may be a full course meal, but to me it’s just an appetizer.  I didn’t really go hard on this album, I just tried to put it together.  It feels real good to do an independent album and get a XL (in XXL magazine) and being from the Bay.  Just imagine when they hear my major label release.

DJ Booth:  What can fans expect on the next album?

Mistah F.A.B.:  The major album release is this album times ten, you know?  I did some songs with a lot of people, as far as the collaboration side.  I got Trey Songz, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, so I just really went out and grabbed a lot of people.  It just shows people that I can blend with anybody in the industry right now.  What it does, is that it allows me to be able to show my diversity and it shows that they fucks with me everywhere you go, east coast, west coast, down south, wherever.  That album is to show that this is what we do in the Bay and what the game is missing right now.  I’m coming in the game with new swag and if you have swag, cats are swagger-jacking.  Everybody is swagger-jacking now, nobody is coming with their own thing.

DJ Booth:  How did you feel when people were hatin’ against your “Ghost Ridin” video?

Mistah F.A.B.:  I mean, I been hated on my whole life, so I don’t feel nothing man.  It really don’t mean nothing to me, it is what it is.  It just gives me something to rap about and be like “Damn look how they went out they way to fuck with me.”  The more people that talk about me and hate, the more media exposure.  As far as the hating, it ain’t nothing new to me, cats always been hating.

DJ Booth:  What about the politicians who have tried to ban your video?

Mistah F.A.B.:  Oh yeah, it’s collective hate you know, I don’t worry about it.  They just want something to do, they need media scapegoats.  Anytime something is going wrong in America and something is going crazy, they need media scapegoats.  They need somebody to blame and I just happen to be the person to blame for that record.  They had a field day making themselves look good by saying I was doing something bad.  At the end of the day, everything worked out for me.  I take it as a learning experience and as long as I’m able to make transactions, it’s all good.  I can still make moves, I can bounce out of town when I want to bounce out of town.  It’s good when people hate, because it keeps people talking about you.  That’s all people want to hear is how you doing, what you doing, what’s next, everybody want to know what’s next.

DJ Booth:  That’s how it is in America; all publicity is good publicity…

Mistah F.A.B.:  Well all publicity aint’ good publicity, but it’s good to get talked about. If it’s good—that’s a good thing, but some shit you just don’t want to get written up on about.  I can complain about spilt milk, I just gotta fill my glass back up.

DJ Booth:  Who are some of Mistah F.A.B.’s favorite MC’s in the game right now?

Mistah F.A.B.:  Weezy, Eminem, Jay-Z will always be my favorite.  I like Young Dro, I been on that Dro for real.

DJ Booth:  Break down the acronym Mistah F.A.B.?

Mistah F.A.B.:  The acronym Mistah FA.B. stands for “Money is something to always have forever after bread”.  That’s basically just a hustle man, keep getting your money no matter what your doing in life.  No matter what your doing and how your doing it, just keep hustling man.  At the end of the day, were defined by how hard we hustle man. Some cats, certain things in life don’t go they way, but when you look at their hustle, they really ain’t doing nothing.

DJ Booth:  How much did you drop on that yellow bus chain you wear around all the time?

Mistah F.A.B.:  I dropped a couple dollars man, it’s nothing really, I’m not really into material things like that.  I have a great relationship with my jeweler man, we be looking our for each other.  Every six months I get a new chain, it’s just a blessing man.  It’s a blessing to have friends in high places that take care of you.  He just takes care of me, I don’t want cats to be like “Damn he paid that much for it.”

DJ Booth:  You at least have to give me an estimate!

Mistah F.A.B.:  [Laughs]  It was a nice amount, you know?  It was definitely a good amount, but my new one cost more than that.  It’s a blessing man, to be in a position to have certain things and I learn to not cherish materialistic things, because as quick as you got it, as quick it can go.

DJ Booth:  Appreciate the interview, any final words for the readers of DJBOOTH.NET?

Mistah F.A.B.:  If you have a dream man, just go after it.  Dreams do come true you just have to apply yourself and make sure you check out “The Baydestrian,” out in stores now!

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