Papoose Interview

Label:Street Sweepers/Flipmode
Next Project:The Nacirema Dream (1st Quarter 2007!)
Website:Papoose's Website

Born in Africa and raised in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn, the rapper known as Papoose (Born Shamele Mackie) has built himself a gigantic fan base. Through a ridiculous amount of mixtape work his buzz has been created without the presence of an actual full length.  His introduction to the game came back in 1998 when NYC mixtape extraordinaire DJ Kay Slay featured his work on Streetsweeper, Vol. 2: The Pain From The Game.  Known for his sick lyrical abilities and freestyle skills, one of his most well known rhymes is called “Alphabetical Slaughter.” The record features Papoose spitting lines using only the letters of the alphabet in sequence.

Despite not being signed to a major label, by choice he maintains, Papoose has continued to thrust himself into the spotlight.  Every major label in the industry has offered Papoose a record deal, but none have swooned him away from staying a free agent of the game.  Signed by Busta Rhymes Flipmode label in association with Violater Management, Papoose has a strong backing for his mainstream convergence.  On the way is his summer solo debut album, titled “The Nacirema Dream” (“Nacirema” being “American” backwards).

During an interview with DJs “Z” and Caliente, Papoose talks about why he has yet to accept a major deal, why NYC needs to stop getting hated on by the other regions, and how he is too smart for the business end of the industry to pass him by.  Oh yeah, he also spits a sick 3 minutes freestyle.  See if he name drops your baby mama, take a listen!

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