Playaz Circle Interview

Playaz Circle
Artist:Playaz Circle
Label:DTP/Def Jam
Next Project:Supply & Demand (Coming 1st Q, 2007!)
Website:Playaz Circle's Website

When you hear the name ‘Playaz Circle,’ what comes to mind?  Men who think they have impressive skills to land women?  Men who can take anyone one-on-one on the basketball court?  If either of these options was presumed as correct, you are indeed wrong.

The duo, consisting of Dolla Boi and Tity Boi, has an interesting purpose behind their collective imprint.  ‘Playaz’ stands for Preparing Legal Assets for Years from A to Z (A to Z meaning from beginning to end). Unfortunately, there is nothing that is secretly creative about the circle portion of the name, which is simply a reference to the members included [in the circle].

Originally scheduled for a release last spring, their debut album Supply & Demand was shelved by Universal Records.  Despite success at radio from their single You Can’t Believe It (featuring DTP label head Ludacris), Dolla and Tity remained upbeat and continued to lasso fans and build a following.  Their persistence paid off, as they were able to use the leverage to brokerage a new deal with Def Jam.  Home to fellow DTP family members Bobby Valentino, Shawnna and Shareefa, IDJ offered Playaz Circle the backing it had always needed.  Now nothing can stop them.

Dolla and Tity are both ecstatic about their future and continually thankful for their opportunities as Supply & Demand is scheduled for release during the 1st quarter of the 2007 campaign.  During their interview with’s DJZ,” Playaz Circle talk about their label struggles with Universal, who they’ve been working with in the studio the past few months and why there’s such a need for packing protection when out in public.

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