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DJ’s “Z” & Caliente from have interviewed Brooklyn-bred rapper and newest addition to Akon’s Konvict Music label, Red Café

Currently signed to Shakedown/Universal (after leaving Mack 10’s Hoo Bangin Records), Red’s major label smash will be delivered to fans from block to block this fall.  Titled, Red October, the changing of the seasons will also reveal a possible changing of the hip-hop guards as well.

After spending several years in prison back in the early 90’s, the life of Red Café took a turn he never expected.  However, following his release and the signing of a major label deal, he quickly turned his life around.  Using his time behind bars to help him get a sense of direction, Red began grinding harder and harder towards his career goals.  Now, many songs, freestyles, mixtapes and years later his album release is on the horizon.

During the interview Red divulges details behind his major label situation with Akon, who he plans on sharing a stage with once he goes on tour, and why exactly he goes by the name of Red Café.  Then to the surprise of both “Z” and Caliente, Akon jumps on the call and talks about his new album and the signing of his two new artists including Florida Crooner, T-Pain.

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