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In the male dominated industry of hip-hop, few female MC’s can hold their own.  However, at the top of that list you’ll without a doubt find the first lady of the Terror Squad, Remy Ma.  Guided by the late great Big Pun, Remy Ma stands proud as one of the few highly successful female’s to pick up a mic.  As a young girl growing up in the Bronx, Remy knew two things: school and rap.  In addition to her credit as an honor student, she also received mad props for her verbal assault on both men and women alike during neighborhood freestyles battles.  In fact, it was a mere one freestyle in the presence of Big Pun that got her both a recording deal and a mentor.

Her debut solo album, There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story, boasts both her hard work and the last remaining unreleased Pun verse on the cut “Thug Luv.”  Production credits include top tiered producers Swizz Beats, Scott Storch and David Banner, in addition to a guest feature from Def Jam sensation Ne-Yo on the hit single “Feel So Good.” 

During her interview with DJ “Z,” Remy reveals information about the possibility of her leaving SRC/Universal and whether or not she has ghostwritten most of Fat Joe’s rhymes.  Plus, Remy unveils her choice for the first female presidential candidate of the United States of America during a rendition of the game: “Ask Ma.”

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