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In 2003, Kanye West made dropping out of college a glamorous action.  In reality however, a decision to leave school before graduation can become a life-altering choice. The risk was worth taking though for Maurice ‘Rich Boy’ Richards, when he left school at Alabama’s Tuskegee University after beginning a degree in mechanical engineering.  Dabbling in music had always been a passionate hobby for Rich Boy, but his decision to leave school early made a hobby become a job. 

Now, focusing on his production work full time, Rich Boy began to shoot his material over to various local radio stations.  Within a year Rich Boy utilized his production skills, helping to become a fortified MC.  The decision turned out to be wise as it paid off nice nicely.  Interscope Records, home to platinum-selling artists 50 Cent, Eminem & Gwen Stefani, signed Rich Boy to a lucrative album contract and began work on his debut.

As of late, questions have emerged as to why the masses have not heard what Rich Boy has to offer.  The timing however, according to Rich Boy, “Is just right.”  While working in the studio with high end producers such as Mannie Fresh, the verbal abilities of the MC soon began to draw comparisons to Fresh’s one time home, Cash Money Records; Particularly, the versatility of the Southern group known for their relentless energy, the Hot Boyz

During an interview with’s DJZ,” Rich Boy talks about the anticipation and excitement behind his 2007 1st quarter debut album, Product of the Hustle.  In addition, Rich Boy harps on the hip-hop talent Mobile, Alabama, is currently harboring and eludes as to why he didn’t contribute any beats to his own impending release.

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