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Ron Artest
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Deion Sanders had the minor hit, “Must Be The Money.”  Shaquielle O’Neal (also known as Shaq Fu) actually recorded a platinum selling album entitled Shaq Diesel.  Now, trying to follow in the footsteps of his fellow athletes, Ron Artest will release his debut album My World.  The album will serve as a glimpse into his life, in hopes of offering: understanding, compassion, promise and most of all musical enjoyment.

Throughout his seven year NBA career, Ron has played for the Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, and currently the Sacramento Kings.  Knowing that his playing days will eventually come to an end, Ron knows that a business minded mentality allows for increased success and continued income.  Recording the album over a four year span, Ron used his off-seasons to nurture his musical talents and provide a release away from the game of basketball. 

A native of Queensbridge, New York, home to notables such as Nas and Mobb Deep, Ron’s debut boasts impressive features from the likes of Mike Jones, Juvenile, Diddy, Capone and DJ Kay Slay.  To help promote the release of My World, Ron toured with Fat Joe on his European Tour this past summer, and also opened shows domestically for both Young Jeezy and Ludacris.

During his interview with’s DJZ,” Ron proclaims that people will indeed know that his talents go far beyond the dimensions of a basketball court.  Furthermore, Artest hypothesizes as to why the NBA has a problem with the hip-hop culture, and how the parallels between the two will never fade away.

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