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Sean Paul
Artist:Sean Paul
Label:SPJ Production/Island
Next Project:The Trinity
Twitter:Sean Paul on Twitter
Website:Sean Paul's Website
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Sean Paul’s new album, “The Trinity,” represents the third leg of a journey that began with his 1999 album, “Stage,” a straight-up dancehall release off VP Records. Followed by his 2002 breakthrough hit, “Gimme The Light,” which started rocking on street corners before the video (directed by Lil’ X) got more then just the islands doing those sexy dance steps.  Sean constantly attempts to one-up his last released single.

During the interview Sean speaks candidly about the large amount of success he has experienced in the United States, and about the true evolution of the dancehall movement over the past decade.  In addition he paints a vivid picture of the horrific lifestyle one would come accustomed to seeing if they took a walk through the ghettos of Jamaica.

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