Slim Thug Interview

Slim Thug
Artist:Slim Thug
Label:Boss Hogg Outlawz/E1 Music
Next Project:The Boss
Twitter:Slim Thug on Twitter
Website:Slim Thug's Website

DJ “Z” from has interviewed Houston icon and Star Trek/Interscope recording artist, Slim Thug

Slim Thug’s major-label debut solo album was released by Geffen Records through Slim’s Boss Hogg Outlawz label and Star Trak, the label founded by mega-star producers, The Neptunes. The towering MC who made a name for himself standing above a crowded fray of southern rappers has a big, bass-filled southern twang and a versatile rhyming style.

During the interview Slim talks about his promotion with Energizer, his upcoming sophomore album release and his favorite moments from the NBA’s All-Star Weekend in Houston.

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