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If you’re questioning whether or not to ride with your buddy to the video shoot of your favorite rapper, definitely go.  That is the exact scenario that West Coast rapper Spider Loc faced when Young Buck offered to introduce him to G-Unit boss 50 Cent; impressed by his flow, the New York native inked the Compton MC to a label deal.  On September 11th, Loc will release a prequel album off Baymaac/Koch Records entitled, West Kept Secret.  During an interview with DJBooth’s DJZ,” Spider Loc touches on his obsession with the color blue, his place in line among finished and waiting to be released G-Unit albums, and why if rap doesn’t work out his next move is NASCAR.

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Spider Loc Interview Transcription

DJ Booth:  What’s goin’ on ya’ll?  It’s your boy “Z,” doin’ it real big, and inside the DJ Booth with me is an artist who plans to reveal himself as The West Kept Secret early next month.  Signed to G-Unit and Interscope, my man Spider Loc.  How you doin’?

Spider Loc:  Yeah, I’m Easty, man.  Very blue-tiful today.  What’s happenin’ with you, Z?

DJ Booth:  It is very blue-tiful.  [laughter] 

Spider Loc:  Yeah, it’s about ninety-something.  I’m inside the Blue Room, which is my studio here in California, got the AC blowin’, it’s icy cold.

DJ Booth:  Your unofficial debut album, “West Kept Secret: The Prequel,” is on it’s way.  What does someone learn about Spider Loc when they pick up a copy?

Spider Loc:  When you pick up, “The West Kept Secret,” you will truly be convinced that Spider Loc is the West Kept Secret, that the future and the present picture of the West is not complete without Spider Loc.  It’s easy to know Spider Loc is street and gang affiliated, the record is not at all attempting to prove that – it’s more attempting to prove that I’m much more than that, that I am an artist, and I got skills, and even a little bit more insight into my lifestyle.

DJ Booth:  Ice Cube is featured on the cut, “Big Black Boots.”  What was it like to work with arguably the best from the West Coast?

Spider Loc:  Well, to work with Ice Cube is like a fulfillment of a large part of my desire to be in the game.  Me comin’ up as a youngster from the West Coast, and just as a hip hop connoisseur, Ice Cube always stood out to me as one of the best, if not the best of a large portion of the oncoming years of the early nineties in music, on up until the mid-nineties.  I think Ice Cube had the best grasp on art – meetin’ reality when it comes to the neighborhood and streets, and still makin’ it artistic.  For me to finally get a chance to work alongside of him – it was quite fulfilling.  It was like payment for a lot of the hard work I’ve been puttin’ in.  I take that like a check.

DJ Booth:  You mentioned earlier, it’s “blue-tiful” out in California, and that’s actually one of the singles on your brand new album.  You’re kind of doing for that color what 50‘s best friend Cam’ron did to popularize the color purple…

Spider Loc:  Wow, the color purple or pink?

DJ Booth:  Purple and pink.  Dipset likes both of them.

Spider Loc:  Oh, okay.  He’s moreso in lavender, I haven’t seen him in much purple, moreso lavender.  I don’t know what it is with the fascination with these real soft, sweet, unintimidating colors.  Most people from my culture, that are appreciative of colors – usually a very, very negative connotation that comes along with that, and that’s well understood, so I was attempting to create a piece of work that can celebrate colors that are very innocent without takin’ away from the reason why we love ‘em in the cities.  Just a celebration of somethin’ that I’ve represented for quite some time, and just an artwork to show how innocent they can be, to just talk about a color.

DJ Booth:  Truly though, colors have a major significance in Compton and the surrounding LA area, one being that they are affiliated with different gangs.  Explain what significance the color blue has, not only to you, but to the area.

Spider Loc:  When it comes to Los Angeles county and California, and the gang situation, one of the most notorious sects of gang members represent themselves by the color blue, and they tag by the name “Crips.”  You know, for a large portion of my life, I was an active member of that organization – I’m no longer of course an active member in the organization, but I am an actual member, and I still have the same fondness for the color blue – actually, before I ever became involved in any type of gang activity, I loved blue, for just bein’ a boy, and it’s my favorite color, in or outside the context of a gang situation.  But in Los Angeles, when you talk about the gangs you have a gang that represents purple, a group of gangs that use red to represent themselves, and then you have other little sects that use other colors, but the largest group of people, the first color even chosen by a gang to represent themselves was blue.  And on top of that, when you go to a nursery, there’s pink for girls, blue for boys, and I am male.

DJ Booth:  There you go – you’re representin’ for all your fellas.

Spider Loc:  All the fellas.  Fifty-year-old man, whose favorite color is blue, he can enjoy and appreciate that song.  There’s no references to gangs in the song, whatsoever.

DJ Booth:  The album drops on September 11th – in fact, a Tuesday when both Kanye West and the man who signed you, 50 Cent-

Spider Loc:  Go grab Curtis, man.  It’s no secret.

DJ Booth:  Was this decision to drop on September 11th prior to when theirs were delayed and then pushed forward?

Spider Loc:  Yes, exactly.  Kanye West was never a consideration at all.  50 Cent himself, his date was as early as June at one point, and we decided on September date back then, as we locked in for what we were attempting to do, it was a little too late to change.  It just so happened, the way chance had it, his date was pushed back to September 11th, just coincidental.

DJ Booth:  You’re like, “I already got September 11th, I’m not movin’ either.”

Spider Loc:  Yeah.  Well, we couldn’t afford to move.  What we’re doin’ for our effort, we couldn’t afford to move.  You know, 50 Cent hasn’t expressed any type of negativity about the date and he’s totally supportive of it, so we ride with it.

DJ Booth:  Let’s talk about 50 for a second.  Last year on the radio, he scrutinized the aim that Koch Records takes with their artists.  I know that this album is going to be released under your own indie label imprint, Baymaac Music, along with Koch Records.  Don’t you think that’s kind of hypocritical of 50?

Spider Loc:  Well, no, because some people might think De La Hoya is a washed-up boxer, and that may be their honest opinion.  But you put a certain opponent in front of him, it still might not be contradictory to bet on De La Hoya if you think he can beat the individual opponent.  And for what 50 Cent was expressing about Koch is, for artists who are tryin’ to put out a major release, that’s his opinion of the situation over there.  But for an independent album – only a fool is unable to see that Koch is a decent place to do the business.  You see, there’s two companies at Koch – there’s a company called Koch Records, and there’s Koch Distribution.  I have no business with Koch Records, and for the general public who may not understand, that’s who 50 Cent was directly referring to: Koch Records.  No one is dealin’ with me as an artist over at Koch Records.  The company at Koch – they’re two different buildings, they’re like two hours away in New York, there’s totally two different staffs – all they do is distribute our product.  And actually, they weren’t even signed on originally to do that, for this, “The West Kept Secret.”  Navarre Entertainment was the distribution company that was going to distribute the product.  But, in the midst of our negotiating and right before we finished the deal, Navarre was actually bought out by Koch Distribution.  So that’s how we ended up with Koch.  I think a lot of people take 50 Cent’s opinion of Koch a little too far, and not understand he’s a businessman, and there’s all kinds of levels of business bein’ done these days in the music game, and this just the level we dealin’ on right here for this preparatory project for my G-Unit/Interscope release, “The Worldwide Web.”

DJ Booth:  Let’s talk about some things that you’ve been up to this past year.  A lot of mix tape diss tracks have surfaced, and that’s obviously one of the main avenues you use for your music.  What are your thoughts on inheriting beef that your label mates have had with artists, most notably The Game?

Spider Loc:  I come from an environment where confrontation and disagreements are common and constant.  There’s nothing about it that really shocks me or disappoints me.  I take it as part of the game.  And it’s not something I go look for, but when there are actual issues that are presented to me and my folks, I have no problem steppin’ up to bat, and doin’ whatever necessary to honor those that I’ve been with.

DJ Booth:  You started your own independent label, Baymaac Music-

Spider Loc:  “Be About Your Money At All Costs.”  BAYMAAC is an acronym.  Don’t sleep.

DJ Booth:  … And it’s part of a conglomeration, I guess of black entrepreneurs, am I correct?

Spider Loc:  Yes sir.  I’m the CEO and the breadwinner when it comes to the music.  BAYMACC is growing, black entrepreneurs, you know what I mean?

DJ Booth:  Spider, if the rap game were to file for bankruptcy, what business moves would you make with your company to become a rich man outside of music?

Spider Loc:  We have Baymacc clothing goin’ on, like I told you.  I’m pursuing my acting.  I also have a venture with NASCAR through my Baymacc constituents; they’re developing at this time.

DJ Booth:  Really?  Let’s talk about that.  NASCAR – not commonly associated with hip hop.

Spider Loc:  Yeah.  What happened was, a couple of my brothers are very very into NASCAR racing.

DJ Booth:  Really? 

Spider Loc:  Yeah, it’s not really an interest of mine, just only on the business need – once [my friends] were watchin’ a race, and one of the popular race drivers was disqualified ‘cause he lost his sponsor.  We came up with is the concept where the fans, if that were ever to happen to anyone, could sponsor the driver, so he would never have to lose his position because of the sponsor backing out.  It’s something that we came up with to give the fans a way to contribute funds, to become a member of a club.  They have access to a lot of exclusive things that tie them into the driver – free accommodations, actual seats at the races.  This is something that we’re negotiating with NASCAR right now, to get it implemented.  We’ve already got a green light from them, we’re seeking investors, that’s just another venture that I’m workin’ on.  I also have a modeling agency I’m gettin’ off the ground called “ A Good Look Modeling Agency” – you can check on the details at http://www.spiderloc.com, or http://www.industries.net.  I’m just grindin’, man – Baymaac clothing all the way, Baymaac cologne, Baymaac everything.  My passion in life is poetry and rap music, but as you say the question if it happened to bankrupt, I’m about my money at all costs so we gotta get the money, man.

DJ Booth:  I like to hear that you’re gonna be a part of the modeling agency, and what would be a real good look is if you need any help picking out those models, call me up, I would gladly help you – I wouldn’t charge you at all.

Spider Loc:  No, Z, you know you’re good, man.  You’re good, whenever.  I may include you.  Just look with your eyes and not your hands – I don’t want no lawsuits.

DJ Booth: [laughter] Like we discussed earlier, Spider, 50 Cent has had his release date changed a couple times.  Banks and Buck both had their albums delayed, and artists on your roster such as Young Hot Rod and MOP, similar to yourself, have not yet had the opportunity to have their albums released through G-Unit.  Do you feel like signing there at this point in your career has been a good move for you?

Spider Loc:  I think it’s been the best move of my career up until this point.

DJ Booth:  Why?

Spider Loc:  I’ve never put out an album prior to bein’ there, so it’s definitely gettin’ started my constituency with droppin’ albums.  I’ve never had as much interest worldwide as I ever had until I signed with G-Unit.  Even if, by some strange occurrence – if somehow G-Unit ceases to be apart of my life – I’m eternally grateful to 50 Cent and the G-Unit for allowing me to progress alongside of them thus far.  I’ve been able to financially take care of myself in the last couple years in a manner that I’ve never been able, plus be able to put out, “The West Kept Secret” on my own label, due to the fact that I’m 50 Cent’s employee and his friend.  A large percentage of your interest, askin’ me the questions that you’re askin’ me, is due to the fact that I’m 50 Cent’s associate, so don’t see any negative in that.

DJ Booth:  You mentioned the title of the actual album,“The Worldwide Web,” that hopefully will be released through G-Unit and Interscope sometime soon.  Talk about what that project’s gonna be all about…

Spider Loc:  Well, “The Worldwide Web” is gonna be a deeper effort to prove that I’m far more than just a Loc.  A lot of people see my name, and see my image, and they stop at what they typically believe that represents when it comes to thinkin’ of the depths they think a Loc can reach.  Before I was Spider Loc, I was Curtis Williams.  I’ve never ceased to be Curtis Williams.  I’m just a man with a lot more – it takes a lot more to put in the pot than just the Loc, to create who I am, so with, “The Worldwide Web,” I wanna express that to the world and make that obvious for them.

DJ Booth:  When do you think, tentatively – I don’t want you to have to put out a date that’s gonna have to be retracted later – do you think the album will be in stores?

Spider Loc:  Well, from the way it look like it’s shapin’ up, after Curtis drops, there’ll be a G-Unit album, and, from the looks of it, there shouldn’t be anything after that and before Spider Loc album, “The Worldwide Web.”

DJ Booth:  So you’re third in line right now?

Spider Loc:  Well, yeah – with Curtis’s almost out the box, I’m second.

DJ Booth:  That’s pretty good!

Spider Loc:  Yeah, and I feel so much apart of the Unit of Gorillas that I confident the G-Unit album push me second, behind Curtis as well.

DJ Booth:  The main priority, obviously before that drops, is this prequel album.  Do you think that after it drops, the secret will have been revealed – how long will it be until the hip hop nation – not just the West Coast – gives you the respect that you demand?

Spider Loc:  I see my boss and my homeboy 50 Cent, with all the accomplishments that’s he’s made right– they don’t give him the respect that he demands and deserves.  So I can’t really dictate how long it would actually take the actual public to catch on and realize who they have amongst them.  Even with Jesus Christ, they didn’t really realize the greatness that was among them till after he was actually gone.  Same thing with Tupac – his popularity shot sky-high once he was past.  I’m not lookin’ for that or anticipating it to be the case with me, it’s just that I’m not a scientist or a scholar that can predict when people will respond correctly.  I believe anybody who takes an in-depth look at who I is, ought to understand.  So, time-wise, I don’t know.  But I feel like anybody that grabs, “The West Kept Secret: The Prequel,” and throws it in and gives it a fair listen will understand – I is the West Coast, the West Coast is I.  SPI, the most bang-a-docious, the most Easty.

DJ Booth:  Well, I wish you nothing but the best of luck on this project.  Give everybody a website, so they can find out more-

Spider Loc:  Man, check your boy out, spiderloc.com, you can catch me on myspace.com/spiderloc, and I think that’s it.

DJ Booth:  Thank you for your time, I wish you nothing but the best of luck.

Spider Loc:  Right on Z.  I’m gonna let you know next time we’re doin’ some scoutin’ for them ladies.

DJ Booth:  Definitely, and any time you’re in Chicago, hit me up.  I got you.

Spider Loc:  For sure.

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