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Born and raised a product of Houston’s south side streets, rapper Trae is bound and determined to paint a true picture of his beloved city.  A member of the Screwed Up Click and ABN Gang, a cousin to fellow Houston artist Z-Ro, and a label mate of Bun B at Rap-A-Lot Records, shows that Trae has no doubt all the industry affiliations he needs to succeed.  His debut album in 1999, Rise, was recorded and released just after he returned home from a short stint in jail.  Seven years later Trae readies the release of his album Restless.  A feeling being removed from his shoulders forever.

Determined to portray a real life element to his material, Trae vows to never spew an endless barrage of “bling bling” at his listeners.  Although artists such as Mike Jones, Paul Wall and Slim Thug talk of their candy paint colored cars with chrome rims and platinum grills, Trae knows that his audience doesn’t relate to that lifestyle in the same manner.  With the sudden and unexpected passing of fellow Screwed-Up Click member and ‘Swang’ collaborator John “Big Hawk” Hawkins, his real rhymes and raw emotion evidently shine through more now then ever before.

During his interview with’s DJZ,” Trae examines his place in hip-hop amongst the star-studded lineup of Houston artists.  Also discussed is Trae’s unique angle into the industry, why his album “Restless” will be timeless and how he gets screwed up before he hits the club.

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