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Trick Trick
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DJ’s “Z” & Arcen from have interviewed Universal/Motown recording artist, Trick-Trick

One of the most respected players in Detroit’s hip-hop scene, Trick Trick has armed his Motown Records debut, The People Vs. with his own quick-witted verbosity along with collaborations with Eminem, Jazzy Pha, and D-12’s Mr. Porter.  The album stands as a testament to his aggressive lyrical flair, with the multi-instrumentalist (key board, guitar, and drums) and producer displaying razor sharp mic skills and the kind of dogged determination that puts him in a class by himself.

Throughout the course of the interview Trick often can be heard stressing the importance behind the Midwest hip-hop movement.  In addition, he talks about his crazy experiences while on tour this past summer for the third go around of Eminem’s Anger Management Tour.

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