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Musician or not, there comes a point in everyone’s life when you feel as though your job has lost its luster.  Age, satisfaction, salary, coworkers, time commitment and benefits are all determining factors when taking a job, so likewise they all remain reasons why a job could seem old, boring and stressful.

For aspiring artists who’ve been grinding hard for years to make it into the recording industry, none of the aforementioned factors seems very important.  When you’re outside the circle all you want is to be inside.  Although if you ask R&B singer Tweet, like DJBooth did, it’s not that simple.

After Tweet’s second album, “It’s Me Again,” the singer got lost in the shuffle between merging labels.  Losing her status as a priority and her staff at Elektra Records when they folded into Atlantic, Tweet wanted to quit music and be “mom” full-time.  Luckily for Tweet, independent label Umbrella Records and their owner Jeryl Busby wouldn’t allow that to happen.

During an interview with DJBooth’s DJZ,” Tweet discusses her brand new album “Love, Tweet” (set for release this upcoming spring), what she would have done besides mothering if she hadn’t returned to recording and how she feels the music industry can once again be fun for both its artists and listeners.

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Tweet Interview Transcription

DJ Booth:  What’s goin’ on ya’ll?  It’s your boy “Z,” doin’ it real big, and joining me inside the DJ Booth is a ‘Southern Hummingbird’ who this upcoming spring will ask us to love her all over again.  Please welcome R&B singer Tweet – how are you?

Tweet:  I’m fine; how are you?

DJ Booth:  I am great.  You know, it seems like just yesterday I was watching you brave the cold inside your winter wonderland castle, in the video for “Oops (Oh My).”

Tweet:  Right. [laughter]

DJ Booth:  Does that moment in your career seem like a long time ago, or just last week?

Tweet:  It seems like a long time ago, being that I haven’t been out in a while.  So it does seem like a long time ago.  But for a lot of people it seems like yesterday.

DJ Booth:  I read that your second album, “It’s Me Again,” made you consider retiring from music – is that true?

Tweet:  Yes, it is.  Only because of the business part of it, not because of my passion for the music.  I got tied up with the merges, Elektra with Atlantic, and everybody that worked on the project while I was recording it were not there anymore, so I didn’t have the same people backin’ me.  It was a whole bunch of stuff.  I decided to leave the label I guess we both mutually decided and I just decided to sit home and be “Mom.”

DJ Booth:  You’re with Umbrella Records now.  Why are they a better fit for you?

Tweet:  Because Jeryl Busby allowed me to go into the studio and do what I want to do and promise me to back it up a hundred and fifty percent.  And he came to me, with the opportunity, because he felt like I was an artist that didn’t get the chance, didn’t get the backing.

DJ Booth:  You just mentioned you spent time being “Mom,” and that’s a full-time job in itself.  Had you not received the opportunity to sign with Umbrella, what could you realistically have seen yourself doing right now? 

Tweet:  I really wanted to get into radio.  It’s something that I always wanted to do.  And then I also wanted to be a bartender, so I maybe would’ve been behind one of those giving somebody a drink or something like that.

DJ Booth:  The title of your new album is, “Love, Tweet.”  Since I love you, did you happen to ready my thoughts when you searched for a title?

Tweet:  [laughter] No, that’s so cute – thank you. 

DJ Booth:  You’re welcome.

Tweet:  Every time I sat down to write a record or records that I’ve written that I didn’t use, everything is centered around love.  Everything that’s on this album is about love, and I just wanted to give back to my fans, and people that have been behind me one hundred percent – even in the times when I didn’t want to do it, those people that came and said, “You know, you have to do it,” and “The passion is in your heart to do it.”  I just wanted to get back and just sign my name, “Love, Tweet,” on everything that I’ve given on this album.

DJ Booth:  T.I. produced and is featured on the album’s buzz single, “My Dear.”  I know the official first single is entitled “Anymore,” but Tweet, did you consider making a move with “My Dear”’ prior to T.I.‘s arrest and indictment?

Tweet:  No, because that was just supposed to be a radio street record just to throw out there just to let people know that I am coming out.  A lot of people were shocked when they saw me even on the VH1 Honors Awards.  They didn’t know I was still doin’ it anymore because of the rumors of me quitting, so that was Jeryl’s idea to let people know that I’m coming, because before “Oops” came out, it was different from the rest of the album. We decided to just go that route again and shoot something out here just to give people a heads-up that Tweet was comin’ again.

DJ booth:  You mentioned you were at the Hip Hop Honors last month, featuring Missy Elliot.  What is the greatest contribution Missy made to your career?

Tweet:  Callin’ me on that day! [laughter] I didn’t know what I was gonna do with myself.  Other than that, the greatest contribution is just being a friend and being there prior to my career, just introducing me to the world.

DJ Booth:  Despite not recording under the umbrella that is Elektra/Atlantic – no pun intended – now with Umbrella Records, will you still be working with Missy?

Tweet:  Yeah, of course.  I’m looking to record my final songs and from Missy as well as Tim[berland], and we just haven’t had a chance to hook up.  She has some real fire for me, so I know it’s comin’ soon.

DJ Booth:  If twenty years and five records later, you were given a chance to be honored, who would you want up on stage doing the tribute?

Tweet:  Wow… doing a tribute to me?  I would love for Brandy, my daughter, the Clark sisters – that would be great.  If there could be a man it would be Bilal.  Also, Amy Winehouse, I love her – Lauryn Hill, of course.  That’s basically it.

DJ Booth:  Well, that’s a nice combination right there.

Tweet:  Yes, it is. [laughter].

DJ Booth:  Tweet, you recently posted a blog on your Myspace page that was an apology to a fan, who was asked by some bogus E-mail to remove your song from their profile.  Have legalities turned the music industry into an unenjoyable mess?

Tweet:  Well, sometimes.  That, and even just on the case of people watching their opinions – yeah, it can turn out to be a mess and you just have to, like I did, apologize.  Sometimes you don’t have control over certain things.

DJ Booth:  How can the music industry be more fun again?

Tweet:  Oh, wow, be more fun again… I guess if we allow people to be the artist that they are, and stop following the lead of everything else that’s hot right now.  And allow the different types of music to be separated.  Music right now seems like everything gets one form of music.  To me there is not R&B, there is not soul.  For some odd reason, we’ve all put rap, R&B, soul, everything in one bowl, when it should be separated so people can enjoy each and every different type of music.

DJ Booth:  I agree completely; we need to un-fuse these genres and make them their own once again.  Tweet, give everybody a website, or a Myspace page, so they can find out more about you and your upcoming project being released this spring, “Love, Tweet.” 

Tweet:  Yes;, and once that’s coming up, we’re creating it now, is

DJ Booth:  Great.  I thank you for taking the time and joining me inside the DJ Booth, and I wish you nothing but the best of luck.  I am so happy you decided not to retire and I excitedly await your brand new album this spring.

Tweet:  Thank you so much; I appreciate it.

Best of DJBooth