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For over a decade now Tyrese Gibson has been the quintessential definition of versatile.  When he wasn’t singing, he was modeling.  When he wasn’t modeling, he started acting.  When he wasn’t acting, he was hosting.  Currently in-between filming Hollywood blockbusters (which include the Michael Bay big screen version of Transformers—out in theatres next summer), Tyrese found time to record the newest addition to his musical catalog.  His broadest and most experimental album yet, Alter Ego.  The album is a double disc set that features Tyrese the singer and introduces Black-Ty the rapper.

Unsure how fans would appreciate his new musical side, Tyrese made a bold but calculated business move.  Black-Ty: Ghetto Royalty, the much talked about street mix tape, was produced, recorded and then offered to fans for free via online download.  Knowing that you have to spend money to make money, Tyrese and his camp at Headquarter Entertainment knew that the exposure and credibility the mix tape garnered would eventually be seen in album sales. 

The move appears to have already paid off as the lead single, One, was the most added at radio stations across America during its jump off week in November.  The dual single (off the hip-hop side of the album) “Get In It” features Method Man and production from Scott Storch.  So does Tyrese rap better then he sings?  West Coast native Bishop Lamont thinks so, “Tyrese will probably tell you that he does both just the same.  The truth is though, Tyrese can spit!

During his interview with DJBooth.net’s DJZ,” Tyrese explains why he waited until his fourth album release to unleash his alter ego, how he has been able to juggle his busy schedule with ease for such a long time, and what collaborators help Black-Ty achieve a true West coast feel.

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