Bobby Creekwater - Back to Briefcase 2

Artist: Bobby Creekwater



Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the latest B.C. experience: Bobby Creekwater‘s brand new Back to Briefcase 2

The first of 8 brand new mixtapes set for release between now and late October, Back to Briefcase 2 is mixed by fellow Atlanta native DJ A-Plus and contains seventeen tracks full of the BGOV emcee’s characteristically impassioned flow.

“This particular project is me reconnecting with not only the streets,” said Creekwater, “but [also] with the fans that have supported my music unconditionally. It is meant to further showcase my abilities and serves as a launching pad for things to come. We at BGOV pride ourselves in making timeless music. Anything less is the competition!”

Fans can also check out Bobby Creekwater's previous albums: Bobby Creekwater - The B.C. Era

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