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After producing Rittz’ Smash Potatoes exclusive freestyle, Freddie Gibb’s Do Wrong and too many more dope records to name here, DJBooth thought it was only right to team up with DJ Burn One for his new mixtape Joints, a showcase of the Southern beatsmith’s best work. 

Joints is presented by DJBooth and Ballers Eve. All production is, of course, handled by Burn One, with Freddie Gibbs, Rittz, Young Buck, Johnny Spanish, Jackie Chain and more putting in work on the mic.

For more on DJ Burn One, including how he selects the rappers he works with, be sure to check out his exclusive DJBooth interview.

Fans can also check out DJ Burn One's previous albums: DJ Burn One - The Highlands |J NICS x DJ Burn One - Darkside

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