Stanza - Searching for Bobby Fischer

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The Searching for Bobby Fischer project was birthed from an observation of greatness. When greatness disappears, the witnesses of that greatness long for its return. Like Bobby Fischer for instance. He was arguably the greatest chess player in history and when he disappeared, the world hungered for his return. Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Pac, B.I.G,  and countless others were examples of this. They all chose not to settle for the one square, one directional movements and instead, decided to promote to something greater. The funny thing is we all have the potential to be as good, if not better than all of them. But we’re too busy being pawns. This is my pursuit of greatness. “Time to promote”.

Production credits include DJ Toomp (One Way Ticket, Broadcast from Georgia, When The Army Passes), Young Guru (The Dealer & The Trip) and DJ Teknology (The Industry Blues and It’s Hot Outside).

In addition, the deluxe edition of Searching for Bobby Fischer will be available July 6, complete with a bonus track, lyrics, photos, and videos.

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