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Kareem Julien has been a full-fledged Mobile and Club Hip-Hop DJ since the early age of 12.  DJ Blaze, (real name Kareem Julien) has honed and developed his craft through the years by performing at countless clubs, bars, events, hotels, halls, house-parties and just about everything in between.  He continues to make monthly mixtapes for listeners and DJ Blaze specializes in Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Club, Trap, and House music.

Kareem is also a Rutgers University Graduate with a Computer Science Bachelor’s degree and works as a Networking Engineer for a Fortune 25 company by day…

These days, you can find DJ Blaze right here at providing the masses with Full HD-Video reviews of the latest and greatest DJ Equipment that comes to market.  He also updates the DJ section of the website daily from Monday to Friday, so be sure to stay tuned to see what’s new in the DJ world.

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