Pharrell Can’t Believe Anyone Still Gives a Shit About His Music

By | Posted November 10, 2017

Thousands of hip-hop fans stormed the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in Long Beach, California last weekend for the chance to hear N.E.R.D premiere No_One Ever Really Dies at ComplexCon 2017. 

Though it's been a minute—seven years, to be exact—since Pharrell, Chad and company last released a full-length album (Nothing), that didn't stop the internet from going wild over the album's Rihanna-assisted lead single, "Lemon," which premiered days before the full album performance.

If you were to ask N.E.R.D fans, the buzz surrounding the trio's comeback album is expected. Pharrell, on the other hand, is a bit miffed.

"I never take any of this for granted because I've been doing this for so long and I can't believe anyone still gives a shit," he told Vogue.

Ahh, Pharrell, you're far too humble.

In addition to acting surprised about the fanfare surrounding the group's return to the spotlight, Pharrell also opened up about his inspiration (Kelis) and his mission for their new album. "This record, I really want to feel it. I want to get high off the music, man," Pharrell said. "I want my body to fucking feel something. I miss that. Because shit is so disposable."

Man, we could not agree more. 

There is currently no set release date for No_One Ever Really Dies, but when the album does arrive (likely before the end of 2017), it will feature guest appearances by Kendrick Lamar, Future, Gucci Mane, Wale, and André 3000.

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