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Report Card: G-Worthy is Silky Smooth, Derin Falana Talks His Shit, Quavo Doesn’t Strike Gold

By Yoh | Posted September 13, 2017
And The Weeknd needs to diversify his flows.

EarthGang’s Journey to Dreamville & the Release of ‘RAGS’

By Yoh | Posted September 1, 2017
"Chase the money if you want to and you’ll end up somewhere money can’t save you."

Lil Uzi Vert ‘Luv Is Rage 2’ 1 Listen Album Review

By Yoh | Posted August 25, 2017
I enjoyed that much more than expected.

$horty $tory: Exploring Mir Fontane’s Cold Depictions of Fantasy & Reality

By Yoh | Posted August 23, 2017
The New Jersey rapper's vivid, captivating storytelling is a stark reminder that actions have consequences.
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Pell - Patience (NOLA Mix)

Dreams Come True: My Night With J. Cole & Dreamville

By Yoh | Posted August 15, 2017
J. Cole told me that he reads my work. You really never know who is watching, appreciating all that you do.

For the Love of 3000: The Evolution of André‘s Relationships With Women

By Yoh | Posted July 31, 2017
André 3000's career has been one long road of self-discovery about love, lust and women.

Ego Death: How JAY-Z Found His Most Vulnerable Voice on ‘4:44’

By Yoh | Posted June 30, 2017
Sometimes, the biggest obstacle is the man in the mirror.

How Metro Boomin Became Music’s Top Songwriter in 2017

By Brent Bradley | Posted June 29, 2017
If young Metro don’t trust you, your song probably wasn’t a hit this year.

Why PARTYNEXTDOOR Has Young Thug, Not Bryson Tiller, In His Crosshairs

By Yoh | Posted June 9, 2017
"You better learn how to sing boy, or we gon' culture vulture your shit."

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