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Slim Jesus is a Real Person Who Really Rapped in Our Real Studios

By Nathan S. | Posted October 20, 2015
The internet phenom came into DJBooth's studios to lay down a track. Seriously. That really happened.

We Found Some Amazing Old Posts From Famous Rappers

By Nathan S. | Posted September 28, 2015
Remember when Kendrick Lamar was begging for more followers on Twitter?

You Need to Listen to This Drake x Florence + The Machine Mash Up

By Brendan V | Posted August 18, 2015
Your going to want to play this Drake mash-up back to back.
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Pell - Patience (NOLA Mix)

Key & Peele is Secretly the Best Hip-Hop Comedy Show on TV

By Brendan V | Posted August 13, 2015
If you've never seen "Rap Album Confessions" you need to watch, now.

Davey D on the Birth of the Rap Internet, How Labels Always Fought Technology

By Lucas G. | Posted July 30, 2015
"I recall very vividly people at labels who would brag that they didn't go on the internet."

Did This Terrible Person Just Terribly Leak Kanye’s Entire “SWISH” Album?

By Brendan V | Posted July 7, 2015
This guy literally recorded Kanye's new album through a wall and leaked it.

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