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“Why Pretend Like You’re Gonna Sell a Million?”: Killer Mike on the Money Behind Free Music [Feature]

It's amazing how quickly radical change becomes the new normal. If even two years ago you said that two of the biggest stars in music, Drake and Beyoncé, would release albums completely without physical... Read More

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Remembering The Time I Almost Interviewed Afeni Shakur [Feature]

When I was young, me and my mama had beef / 17 years old, kicked out on the streets / Though back at the time I never thought I'd see her face / Ain't a woman alive that could take my mama's place... Read More

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All 71 People Credited on Drake’s “VIEWS” Album [Feature]

We know you're nearing "Please, No More Articles About Drake" territory, we feel you. A reader, and a writer, can only take so much Drizzy, even following what's going to assuredly be one of the most popular... Read More

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The Best Drake Songs That Didn’t Make the Album [Feature]

Within Drake’s immense catalog there’s a plethora of songs that are orphans, released for free and then discarded, floating around the internet without a home. In fact, without thinking about cohesion or... Read More

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There’s No Way Soulja Boy Signed a $400 Million Deal [Feature]

Soulja Boy's riding high. Beyoncé just quoted him, and a little time and distance from the "Crank Dat" days has us appreciating just how large of an impact he made on hip-hop and the modern music climate. In fact,... Read More

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More Drake Reference Tracks Surface, He’s Still More Popular Than BeyoncĂ© [Feature]

The good thing about the still somehow unfolding Drake "ghostwriter" scandal is that at this point I don't have to write much. At this point writing this story is like Steph Curry shooting a free throw, like Rick Ross... Read More

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